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Quick Transmigration: Beat The Female Lead System by lilac2894
Quick Transmigration: Beat The lilac2894
Eleanor a 30 year old (pervert) business woman who hasn't had a boyfriend in more than 8 years suddenly dies after being in a car accident on her way to a blind date. Bu...
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Steal The Male Lead by Shellyrill
Steal The Male Leadby Shellyrill
The main character always ends up with the male lead? Well, the readers have agreed to disagree with this thought. Alright then, we just need someone to destroy the main...
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You Are My Only Sunshine  by WarmSunflower123
You Are My Only Sunshine by ☆☆
In one lifetime, he gave up his heart so that she might live. In this new lifetime, she'll pledge her heart to him forever. "I'm your future wife," she declare...
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Rebirth of the Film Emperor's Beloved Wife by SichuanSnacc
Rebirth of the Film Emperor's SichuanSnacc
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E- Simple Love Story by MajielovesJ
E- Simple Love Storyby MajielovesJ
Elliot's Story A fluffy love story of a perfect male and his (perfect?) mate. A sequel to The Queen's Restraints Lovely cover by @evinnara ❤
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Birdeater by CyFaust
Birdeaterby Cy Faust ☆
Blair Grant is an amateur criminal profiler who is obsessed with his handsome neighbor, Florence Hill. But when the fabric of their imaginary relationship begins to unra...
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Reckless by TheoryKierei
Recklessby TheoryKierei
(Book 2 of HomeLess) Domino has always lived his life exactly the way he's wanted to. No one ever stood in his way or bothered to intervene. Unfortunately, his possessi...
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Shame application Season2 by yinlay313
Shame application Season2by Lee Sui
Nohae×Yeong×Dobin Author-Fujoking Status-on going
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° [INSANITY 衛リ汚 ] ° by Mxchi_rx
° [INSANITY 衛リ汚 ] °by 【Kiyoko】
Insane Hashiras/Slight Various X Reader (Ongoing) Modern au Asylum Au made by me [YOUR BASIC INFO:] NAME: (Y/N) (L/N) AGE: (17+) HEIGHT: 152 CM / 5'0 FT SEX: FEMALE GEND...
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Snapped. (Thomas Jefferson X Reader) by PawPerson101
Snapped. (Thomas Jefferson X PawPerson101
This was it. Your life was over. Your best friend, Alexander had said about someone he knew needing a model for a year long photography project. Of course, he'd voluntee...
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The Heart of a Smith. by Xhandrica
The Heart of a Noona
Genre: Modern, BL, Fluff, Drama, HE, Younger seme, Business setting Novel status: Finished, 57 chapters + 3 Extra Chapters Translation status: Ongoing Translator: Shiya ...
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Male OC X Kimetsu No Yaiba/ Demon Slayer by 2491125k
Male OC X Kimetsu No Yaiba/ 2491125k
Lets reincarnate an OC as the Flame Pillar's twin! Started: 28/12/2019, End: ???
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Leading To You (bl) by ClearV
Leading To You (bl)by ClearV
"To be a good man." Chen Zheng lived his whole life, believing those words. Just like his name, proper and upright. However being proper and upright only lead...
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Exposed by AliciaMarino
Exposedby Alicia
This is a sequel to Hidden. Please read that before this one or you will be lost! Matteo and Emma's story continues...
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A Muslim's Romantic Journey by KittyCrackers
A Muslim's Romantic Journeyby KittyCrackers
As a Muslim girl, marriage is one of Safia's biggest dreams. All her life she kept herself pure for her faith and her future husband. Although having never had experienc...
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The Girl Who Never Chose [GirlxGirl] by InsurgentOutcast
The Girl Who Never Chose [ InsurgentOutcast
Alexandra Berrington: the high school punk and troublemaker - the one who scares even the toughest of teachers and students. She is high school royalty, and anyone who f...
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The House Keeper by LJMay03
The House Keeperby LJ May
Montana Kelly had no where to go. She needed a job, a place to live. Oliver Black was the billionaire that needed a housekeeper. What would happen when they get to know...
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Levi x reader oneshots by leviackerbutt
Levi x reader oneshotsby 🐡🐡🐡
All kinds of one shots of Levi and Y/n! Before requesting, please check the rules, thank you! :D
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The Deserted Woman [MM Translation] by sebi_mo
The Deserted Woman [MM Translation]by Glory Khin
(Zawgyi) အမျဖစ္သူရဲ႕ အႏိုင္က်င့္ျခင္းကို ခံရၿပီး မိမိရင္ေသြးပါ လုယူခံလိုက္ရတဲ့ မိန္းကေလးတစ္ေယာက္........ ..........ဘယ္လိုျပန္တိုက္ခိုက္မလဲ?? (Unicode) အမဖြစ်သူရဲ့ အနိုင...
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Detours (Levi x Reader) by atolla
Detours (Levi x Reader)by ami
Levi is a celebrity who has just suffered through a heartbreaking loss. Y/N happens to walk in on a grieving Levi and, attempts to approach him but fails. Several months...
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