Perfect Fiance by merakitranslations
Perfect Fianceby merakitranslations official
Written by: Feng Duan Qing Yi Du Transmigrated into a novel after her death, Su Jin has an engagement with Lu Xi, the legendary and unrivaled male protagonist, that was...
  • chinese
  • family
  • richfamily
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My Beloved Fake Wife -Nalu AU by _thefairytailnalu_
My Beloved Fake Wife -Nalu AUby Tiffany
Famous actor, Natsu Dragneel, hosts auditions. But for what actually? He needs a fake wife to come with him on a family gathering. Meanwhile, Lucy Heartifila, a woman wi...
  • jerza
  • natsudragneel
  • gruvia
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Get Demoted Into Cannon Fodder by B1ackDiA
Get Demoted Into Cannon Fodderby DiA
In other novels, the plot got messed up because of other people while Shi Shen, the male protagonist messed his own plot before others even had the chance to do it. Tran...
  • showbiz
  • romance
  • tragedy
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Red String Of Fate by readergenie789
Red String Of Fateby readergenie789
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go into a book and change everything? What would a main character be like without their precious plot armor? What if they...
  • slowromance
  • phsyco
  • modern
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The Sex Contract   by sparkling_stars812
The Sex Contract by Sparkling Stars
[Chinese Novel] One night she gets drunk and mistakes the most well-known Mafia boss for a host and intends to sleep with him. Oh my! What should I do? It's best to run...
  • forced
  • naiveshorttemperedgirl
  • yakusa
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A Diamond in Islam | ✔ by Beauty4evar
A Diamond in Islam | ✔by Shadia N.
He hated her "kind." She hated his ignorance. He loved her. She refused to. Without her, he was nothing. * * * * Amira had a dysfunctional family, an older bro...
  • muslim
  • highschool
  • hijab
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bridge  - (Levi x Reader) by atolla
bridge - (Levi x Reader)by ⁎⁺˳✧༚ reiko⁎⁺˳✧༚
"Hey what's the homeworkr?" Y/N is a high school student who accidentally texts the wrong number. While she certainly didn't get the homework that day and was...
  • texting
  • modern
  • levixreader
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Elite System by Aki_Mizuki
Elite Systemby A. Mizuki
The next thing he realize was.. he is already in a different place. Which not usually empty with just white colour or black. There's actually some kind of scenery that h...
  • bl
  • pitiableprotagonist
  • mystery
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Miss Author Vs Mr Protagonist by B1ackDiA
Miss Author Vs Mr Protagonistby DiA
Yu Xiyan is a popular novelist who is now leading a peaceful life or so the others thought she is. Actually now once she opened her eyes she found herself in an unfamili...
  • mystery
  • transporttoanotherworld
  • romance
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The House Keeper by LJMay03
The House Keeperby LJ May
Montana Kelly had no where to go. She needed a job, a place to live. Oliver Black was the billionaire that needed a housekeeper. What would happen when they get to know...
  • wedding
  • engagement
  • relationships
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let me in | shirbert  by emreadsokay
let me in | shirbert by em!
in which a fiery red-headed girl and a charming hazel-eyed boy are madly, head over heels in love but have no idea yet. modern shirbert au c...
  • gilbertblythe
  • anneofgreengables
  • netflix
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Aaban by Fuzziezs
Aabanby F.C.
• HIGHEST RANK #1 in Pakistani • (Previously known as His Bride) I cried. I screamed. I cried for as long as could. I cried till I had no tears left to cry. He was go...
  • forcedlove
  • spiritual
  • marriage
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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet Part 1 by _GlassMask_
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New L.A
This IS NOT MY OWN STORY CREDITS AND KUDOS GIVEN TO THE AUTHOR AND THE TRANSLATOR. For Offline Reading, if you wish to read an advance chapter and support our translato...
  • comedy
  • beautifulprotagonist
  • modern
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Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard by KimAngel1995
Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Kim Hyejin
The night before their wedding, her fiancee ran off with his mistress. Out of frustration, she grabbed the man standing in front of the Civil Affairs Office, "Presi...
  • powercouple
  • revenge
  • modern
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Just Blame Me For Being Blind In the Beginning  by chow_stories
Just Blame Me For Being Blind In chow_stories
  • ceo
  • happyending
  • chestnut
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Office Number 08 ( itachi x reader x shisui ) by hms_yci
Office Number 08 ( itachi x hms_yci
itachi x reader x shisui , office romance, lemon, and love triangles! I do not own Naruto. I do not own the art. Art by the Japanese artist, Lily.
  • xreader
  • shisui
  • sasuke
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Defying Fate System by AinzYulenka
Defying Fate Systemby Nyeongie~
Given a chance to regain his humanity, Scientist Xiao Jun decided to take a risk in this suicidal task. His mission, defy the fate of the people he transmigrated in. Fai...
  • medic
  • romance
  • modern
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[BL] I never knew the World was this Bright ( Myanmar Translation ) by Htoo-6
[BL] I never knew the World was Htoo-6
အန္းလ်န္အေနနဲ႔ Red Dragon Quest ကို စတင္ေဆာ့စဥ္အခါက online ကေနတဆင္႔ သူငယ္ခ်င္းေတြလုပ္ရမယ္လို႔ တစ္ရံဆစ္မွ် မေတြးခဲ့ဖူးပာ ။ ဒါေပမဲ့ လက္ေတြ႔လည္းေဆာ့ေရာ သူက သူငယ္ခ်င္းထက္ ပိ...
  • fancy
  • modern
  • boyxboy
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Arabian Nights - The city time had forgot - completed by JanVanEngen
Arabian Nights - The city time Jan Maree
Elena is on a mission to find her father, who was looking for the ruins of Kasadar. Prince Hassan trapped in the city time forgot, and hears about the strange woman in h...
  • legend
  • worldscollide
  • oldworld
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Searching  by avaontiana08
Searching by
Emma was plain like her name. Then she died and found out things could be a lot more interesting. Bound to a system with unclear origins and it's supposed mission to br...
  • advancedtech
  • emotional
  • suspense
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