KAT'S LOG || ME ♡ by ChibiKittie
KAT'S LOG || ME ♡by Mama Kat
Ravioli. Ravioli. Read this shiz and eat sum... Cannoli? XD Sup. It's me. Mama Kat and this is my random book of shiddoddles. Welcome to Me~ :) YEEHAW~ ☆°•°•♡
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Christmas in Dixie by redladiebug
Christmas in Dixieby Emily
Claire is your average 24 year old single woman. Her parents want to get married, and she is content the way she is. So she plots to fool her parents by asking a friend...
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My Life is a Lie by drowninthefandom
My Life is a Lieby drowninthefandom
Going through high school as I slowly figure out that my entire life is a lie. Okay, maybe not actually. This is going to serve as a journal throughout my 4 years of hig...
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Personal Diary (rants, ideas, discussion) by girlbythelake
Personal Diary (rants, ideas, -shookt.
My life is not that interesting...mainly me moping around in my sweats about the fact that Jungkook won't ever know how much I love him and eating 10 gallons of icecream...
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The Irresistible Mickey Holly *Editing* (BoyxBoy) by ASMorrow
The Irresistible Mickey Holly * Auburn
There's something very wrong with Mickey Holly. And only Ben Turney knows the truth. After a whirlwind love affair during their junior year, Ben and Mickey anticipa...
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her thoughts  by radinazkia
her thoughts by radin
sometimes it's personal. || Copyright©2015-All Rights Reserved
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Rants/Diary by pasteiie
Rants/Diaryby ~Queenie~
Y'all are probably sick of me spamming y'all with my message board, so I've opted for this instead. Love y'all, have a great day! (:
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The Bad Boy Stole My Diary  by _neanea_
The Bad Boy Stole My Diary by babyloves
"I love how innocent you act, but I know you're not." **************************** My dad had given me a simple journal that I thought I'd never use. When I f...
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everyday.  by WinterAndApricity
everyday. by farhan firdaus
This is a personal journal I keep to write down my creative thoughts and emotions. It us mainly for my own self expression however I figured maybe some people might appr...
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FtM Journal: That Kid by fused_reality
FtM Journal: That Kidby xXlennonXx
Greetings and salutations; boys, girls, and anyone in between... welcome to an average amount bullshit in a fucked up life on this wonderful dying planet of earth. Pleas...
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rants by EmenLOL
rantsby EmenLOL
In all honesty, I don't know why I'm writing this... That's a lie. I do know why I'm writing this. I've been ridiculously bored these days and needed some sort of outlet...
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boopedy doop » little stuffs by stuckihyun-
boopedy doop » little stuffsby d e p r e s s e d
you asked for it, here it is :) #147 in rants (10/05/18)
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Every Rose... by Rosa950
Every ...
...has its t̶h̶o̶r̶n̶ secret. Everyone else has a rant/journal/art book, so I figured I may as well jump on the bandwagon. Found here will be topics I've been tagged for...
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RebeccaM.M. Unmasked by hardcorefangirl4ever
RebeccaM.M. Unmaskedby RebeccaM.M.
This is where I release the contents of my head with no fear. This is RebeccaM.M aka @hardcorefangirl4ever unmasked. I hope you enjoy my pointless ramblings, rants, and...
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Tales From Agrabah by writer_muslimah
Tales From Agrabahby Jasmin A 🌼
It's about people around me with their stories, the things I witness. A sort of journal, though not regular. It has just about anything I thought of that sparked up an i...
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Pages | Dave East by SincerelyShay
Pages | Dave Eastby Shay
"To get lost is to learn the way." |African proverb| Cover art 💕 ambrosesyard (left) | son-of-a-snitch (right)
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🕋 jaemin and renjun 🕋 when renjun passed away of an incurable disease, jaemin began the countdown to when he would join him. began: 05.17.18 finished: 05.19.18
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💙Hamakaze💙 by --Hamakaze--
💙Hamakaze💙by Mei Hamakaze
I'm baaaaaack!
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Hetalia - Pandora's Box  by Enderz_16
Hetalia - Pandora's Box by Ezra.D.Uchiha
A/N - This is a Hetalia Fanfic so if you have never seen the anime or are familiar with the Manga you will be confused and lost. I'm new at the accents so if you see a...
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| Opinions | © SIMPLYJEON- Where I post your opinions about kpop, but no one will know that it's you. Your secrets are safe with me.
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