The Bad Boy Stole My Diary  by _neanea_
The Bad Boy Stole My Diary by babyloves
"I love how innocent you act, but I know you're not." **************************** My dad had given me a simple journal that I thought I'd never use. When I f...
  • humor
  • badboys
  • diary
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Thoughts of an Angsty Mind by freeaccount
Thoughts of an Angsty Mindby freeaccount
Tidbits and insights of my life adventures. Mainly revolving a boy. •Highest ranking #12 in nonfiction•
  • nonfiction
  • lol
  • rants
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Protect Me, If You Can by TheUltimate1225
Protect Me, If You Canby Jay
Celeste Walker, the most average of 17-year-olds, looked forward to going to college. Not only had she been accepted in the school of her choice, but she was able to att...
  • stalker
  • room
  • brandon
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Dear Diary • Yoongi [Single Father Extra] by xgoldenxmaknaex
Dear Diary • Yoongi [Single ✨Golden✨Maknae✨
the diary of Yoongi (as seen in Single Father)
  • diary
  • yoongi
  • family
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Annyeonghaseyo, Bitch. by God_of_destruction
Annyeonghaseyo, God_of_Destruction
"Where are you going, nigger?" I turned around on my heel and said, "what the fuck did you just say?" I clearly heard him, I just was being nice and...
  • diary
  • korea
  • weird
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My journal | Min Yoongi x Reader by TheBlackenedOne
My journal | Min Yoongi x Readerby Jiyeon Wang
When Yoongi accidentally leaves his journal in the music room, he finds it in his locker. Only that someone has replied. [ Completed ] Credit Cover : @p0pd0b
  • bts
  • yoongi
  • suga
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masked [journal] by -oneirataxia
masked [journal]by a little lonely
a book of useless things.
  • personalthoughts
  • diary
  • rants
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Florets / Reddie by justmightcry
Florets / Reddieby Grace
Highest Ranking: #1 in poetry [16/05/18] "There are times I want to tell you how I truly feel." [Completed]
  • tozier
  • letters
  • fanfiction
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Lost and Found | ✓ by jeoning
Lost and Found | ✓by nisha / arrow
"sometimes the reason for certain things to happen, is as simple as the desire to be lost and found." - When Derek Kepner finds a journal, and is unable to kee...
  • shortstory
  • found
  • journal
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Crushed (Lee Na Jaemin X Reader)- Completed by ssaaucyy
Crushed (Lee Na Jaemin X Reader) ~Sky~
Crushes are called that for a reason.
  • kpop
  • school
  • najaemin
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Avengers x Reader: Pet by JessicaRabbit42
Avengers x Reader: Petby Jessie
In short this is a story about yourself. You, in this story, are a shape-shifter with a bad back story but friends and family who love you. Because of a misfortunate tu...
  • avengers-x-reader-pet-chapter-1-607851264
  • deviantart
  • journal
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lover is a day , ᵂᴼᴸᶠᴴᴬᴿᴰ! by woIfhards
lover is a day , ᵂᴼᴸᶠᴴᴬᴿᴰ!by greyhound.
❛ MY LOVER IS, A DAY I CANT FORGET. ❜ finn wolfhard x female ! oc. #246 IN SHORT STORY; 3/20/18
  • slowupdates
  • finn
  • wolfhard
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Enchanted by leo_robertson
Enchantedby –l.r
PO79 | ❝She was the type of girl who would rather be magical than belong to you.❞
  • poem
  • magic
  • adventure
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Awake (Fright Side Story) Kim Seokjin by catzumi_zero
Awake (Fright Side Story) Kim catzumi_zero
The lost pages of Kim Seokjin's mind. Readers will dive into the mysterious yet sick mind of BTS's oldest member as he talks about his journey from the very beginning t...
  • horror-thriller
  • tragic
  • kimseokjin
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Letters to Myself. by Dancingriverbird20
Letters to Kennedy Montecue
If you could write letters to your past self, what would you tell yourself? This novella/some-what autobiography is filled with letters that I would write to myself a...
  • wattys2017
  • contests
  • youngadult
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Somewhere In Brooklyn by acmesins
Somewhere In Brooklynby cher manelle
❝He stutters, while she babbles.❞ Highest Ranking: #8 in Short Story - 01/10/18 Copyright © 2016 Cher Manelle
  • anxiety
  • teenfiction
  • journal
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My Art Book ? + Updates by rogue__Angel
My Art Book ? + Updatesby ❤️Angel 🐢
My Art ewww ... Cover is mine ... Also this is mostly Lams
  • journal
  • bmc
  • gayaf
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Sacrifice {Bendy x Reader} by Pizza_Delicious
Sacrifice {Bendy x Reader}by Jane - Chan ♓
(Y/n) (L/n), a normal girl in (ht/n) hometown. Its only because of a normal 'dare' and met someone, her life turned upside down. After they arrived, her life went haywir...
  • reader
  • machine
  • jane
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[ .BARNES ] by -whitewwolf
[ J.Barnes ] ❝ not bad, for the end of the world ❞ #307 in general fiction ⤷ [ 5.15.18 ]
  • firstavenger
  • journal
  • bucky
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αη∂ү's мεмεηтσ | ε∂∂ιερηg by eddiepng
αη∂ү's мεмεηтσ | ε∂∂ιερηgby Pretty Boy
There's a book for my nonsense? Yes. Meet the king of rambles and vague thoughts. With a sprinkle of advice coming from someone who's experienced some stuff. This book i...
  • ramblings
  • vents
  • rants
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