Trials Of The Nine by Thegreyleo
Trials Of The Nineby Tannis Rainey
In the distant future, humanity is close to extinction thanks to the Red War. Earth now is a wasteland, with no law and no order. Individuals who survived the war, live...
  • colony
  • outerspace
  • dystopian
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The Hollow People (Completed) by Indigo_Night
The Hollow People (Completed)by Elizza
(A Wattpad Featured Story) Eleni Markova has never felt emotion before: no happiness, no sadness, no anger, and no fear. She is one of the Hollow People, a group that ca...
  • pearlawards2018
  • giasummeredition
  • wattpride
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Follow Me, Mutt by Goddess_Dommes
Follow Me, Muttby Kath, Viv, D. Vlad
She owned him. Both loved their roles and so do others that live in their area. A utopia town of submissive men and dominant women and a safe haven for those of the like...
  • master
  • utopiansociety
  • femdom
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Remember This Night (A Selection Roleplay) (OPEN!) by Queenisme123
Remember This Night (A Selection R...by I swear if this name doesn't...
Selection Roleplay! (but if you could bother to read the chapter name you'd already know that...) NINE open spots! 20 Selected will compete for a spot in Prince Karl's...
  • selection
  • selectionroleplay
  • future
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Year 2012 (Mpreg) by ImTheMuggleMundane
Year 2012 (Mpreg)by Cherry
"The world is perfect, it is cleansed, it is now pure and sacred. A systematic world driven by peace as its starter point." - President Bloomberg...
  • sciencefiction
  • twins
  • time
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The Zodiac by FifthAngeI
The Zodiacby a.l.l.i.e.
In a world where couples are matched based on celestial compatibility, two conflicting signs fall in love but must keep their relationship a secret if they want to live...
  • astrology
  • libra
  • fiction
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Lucid (BoyxBoy) {Pipe Dream: Book II} by MonochromeBlue
Lucid (BoyxBoy) {Pipe Dream: Book...by MonochromeBlue
There are some dreams that you wish were reality and some pieces of reality you desperately wish to be a dream. But we cannot undo the things that have been done. They c...
  • mxm
  • fence
  • vivid
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X-Marks: Stealing Shadows by imtaeokay
X-Marks: Stealing Shadowsby ✨Taylor K. Owens✨
Children are disappearing. And their parents don't want to find them. After Valen is taken from her home she is used for government plans never spoken aloud. Only the ma...
  • sciencefiction
  • familyproblems
  • society
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X-Marks: Rising Shadows by imtaeokay
X-Marks: Rising Shadowsby ✨Taylor K. Owens✨
»» BOOK #3 of the X-MARKS: Shadows Series «« Valen and her friends have ended their long journey but all isn't as it seems. In the care of their new hosts they find ri...
  • series
  • trilogy
  • newadult
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Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V: The Numeron Emperor by JohnKohles
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V: The Numeron Emperorby JohnKohles
What if someone from our world somehow teleported to Arc V? And what if their decks​ was a key to help save the Dimensions? Not the best description, but I tried. Self...
  • utopia
  • conflict
  • yugioh
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The Imperfect's Journal: 1 by TLBainter
The Imperfect's Journal: 1by T. L. Bainter
This is the journal of Darren Stratt, an "imperfect" who is being hunted in America due to a new law which has stripped disadvantaged individuals--now called...
  • realworld
  • journal
  • adventure
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My Marriage to the Lord of the Dead (M.M.L.D)[EDITING] by booksindalibrary
My Marriage to the Lord of the Dea...by HRH
Hades got me out of Algebra, which is a big deal. It does my head in. But, he kidnapped me and took me to the Underworld all because Persephone has faded away. And he's...
  • hera
  • love
  • marriage
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Solstice (Wattys2017) by sophgray
Solstice (Wattys2017)by Sophia Gray
T H E S E R P A is a collar that counts down each spoken word. The limit is 1000. Reach zero, and you die. Remain silent, and you live. T R O Y is a simulation carr...
  • diverse-books
  • futuristic
  • wattys2016
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2047 by dolansmagnolia
2047by chels
This story is set in a Utopian society where at age 17 you are stamped with a number in a random place on your body. Only two people in the whole society have the same e...
  • utopia
  • sacrifice
  • futuristic
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Marked Secrets  by s-upernova
Marked Secrets by c
Amelia Bridges is a nineteen year old girl living in Moonstone Province, and is haunted by her mental illnesses that threaten to take over her life. The problem is that...
  • endthestigma
  • wattys2018
  • youngadult
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The Posterity - An Original Applyfic (Open) by -GirlWithAngelWings-
The Posterity - An Original Applyf...by -Mia-
In the future the world is different. It's cleaner, richer, shinier, etc. Twenty teens all with "special talents" find themselves away from their homes in a fa...
  • applyfic
  • justice
  • rebellion
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Emma's End by MRControl
Emma's Endby Dylan B
Set in the futuristic Male Supremacist universe of "End of Women", this short spinoff follows the life and adventures of Emma Brooke, a young woman who lives t...
  • new
  • anti-female
  • alternative
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Years Ahead #Wattys2018 by scifiwriter
Years Ahead #Wattys2018by kelly
Never in her wildest dreams did Ronnie Eaves think she would be an astronaut by the luck of the draw. Her twin sister, Becca, wanted no part of her idea, had no desire t...
  • sciencefiction
  • sci-fi
  • scifi
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We All Fall Down by UnderMySkin
We All Fall Downby Sabrina
#25 in Science Fiction [May 10/18] Now a Featured Story! For years children have been born with elongated spines that resemble tails, webbed fingers; all of which are fi...
  • extinction
  • cult
  • mutant
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Just In Time by italicizedcaffeine
Just In Timeby 🌻
**SEQUEL TO JUST IN CASE** It's been a year since the events of her last summer in Galveston. A summer that Ivy has no recollection of. Coupled with newly develo...
  • divergent
  • love
  • nyc
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