May 10th, 2066

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One of my neighbors was considerably elderly. Her name was Betty. I'll be honest, I only know her name was Betty because there's an envelope with her name on it that's sitting on her kitchen counter.

Anyone over the age of 65 is deemed imperfect under the Perfect America Bill. As an imperfect and an incapable leech on society (per the authors of the bill), Betty was killed in her living room. They took her corpse, but there's still a bloodstain on the couch.

Since they got what they wanted, I doubt the search team will come back here. They'll probably revisit my house, since they still haven't captured me, but Betty's home should be relatively safe.

She's got food, but no power, so I had another uncooked meal. I'll sleep here, tonight, then be on my way.

Betty's car is in the driveway. Once the sun comes back up, I'll start looking for her keys. There's no way I can get a flight to Australia, or even a boat--not in America, which is at war with that country, now.

But Canada is an ally of Australia's in this war. It's so odd to write that, for some reason. This bill has thrown the world into disarray.

Anyway, with Canada and Australia allied with one another, I think I may be able to sneak across the border, find safety somewhere in Canada, get a letter to Sara's cottage, which is somewhat far from her primary home in Melbourne, and then start looking for safe passage to Australia.

It doesn't seem like such a bad plan, though it  does hinge on Sara still being at her cottage. Hopefully, I can get a letter to her before the Renewer's effects spread to the outer area like Crane said they will.

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