May 20th, 2066

29 11 25

The letter to Sara has been mailed. As a note to myself, I'm now trying to make my way toward her sister's house. I got the address from one of my old journals I was able to grab before leaving home.

[Editor's Note: Darren originally put the address here for ease of reference. It has been omitted.]

Just a couple more days and the bus will arrive to take me to the airport. Flights are being paid for through a charity fund if the destination is a sanctuary country, which Australia still is (thankfully).

I've noticed that electric cars are far more common here in Canada than they were in America--at least where I grew up. Even as technology advanced, my fellow Americans continued to selfishly burn fuel, coal, and anything else they could find. Most people in the world today want something quiet, sensible, and efficient; the average American, meanwhile, wants to make a lot of noise--they want to drive something that says "look at me!" and "smell this black smog!".

Given how primitive most American citizens are, it's no surprise that it was our government that passed a bill referring to those with disabilities as "imperfect", "subhuman", and "lesser". I wish we'd matured with the rest of the world. I wish we had actually embraced the ideology of liberty, rather than handing so much power to a bloated and corrupt government that it was actually able to do something like this. The Perfect America Bill was unstoppable because for decades, we set the stage for it. Little by little, we gave up freedom and individuality. We surrendered ourselves over to an entity we didn't even trust. We became dependent. We became a collective. Before we could stop it, we were completely at the mercy of a government that cared only for itself.

It's too late now, though. The law is here to stay. If you aren't an imperfect but you still think the Perfect America Bill is wrong, you're only safe if you keep your mouth shut. So that's what everyone is doing. If you speak out against the government or the bill itself, you're mentally unstable and therefore just as imperfect as I am.

What a mess we've made.

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