June 22nd, 2066

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Just before the Perfect America Bill was signed into law, two women tried to flee the country, knowing that their marriage would immediately lead them to being enslaved or murdered. Money was tight, though, so they could only afford to set up a small home in Liverpool. After that, and setting aside money for food, there was only enough left over to fly one of them to their new safehouse.

It was decided that Candice would go to Liverpool immediately and that the other--who claimed to be the more resourceful of the two--would forge her own path forward so she could reunite with her wife.

This is the story Jess told me earlier this evening, in her wife's living room. She needed to explain, of course. It was rather obvious that more was at play here when she kissed the woman she had been claiming was merely a cousin.

She begged me and Trent not to say anything about the... fun she had been having with Trent over the past month. My stomach is twisting at the thought of it all. Candice seems like such a sweet woman, and she has opened her house to two strangers. It's clear that their marriage is meant to be monogamous, but Jess...

I can't say anything. Maybe I'll find a way to mention it when I leave, but right now I need a safe place to stay. Is that selfish?

Trent is eager to leave, understandably. Seems he was getting more attached to Jess than he expected, and the surprise of learning that she's married was just too much. He told me he still wants to find a way to join with the army in Australia, or at least some army that'll put a gun in his hands.

Jess is going to stay with Candice, of course. They won't be coming to Australia, but they also won't be staying in Liverpool--not with the Renewer fog spreading toward it from all directions. It sounds like I really won't be seeing Jess, again.

Good. My tolerance for cheating or betrayal of any kind is simply non-existent. I won't miss her. I hope I forget her.

Trent won't be able to forget her, though. That doesn't seem fair, since his need to forget about her is more significant than my own.

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