June 1st, 2066

21 12 10

We found two other survivors. Many people had already fled the scene, but many more had been killed by the explosions and the resulting debris.

The other survivors are two Canadians who had volunteered to help the imperfects. They told us that if we head eastward, we'll find a harbor that might be able to help us get somewhere with an airport that's willing to take us. It's not much of a plan and it seems to have a lot of "maybes", but it's the best we've got.

Morgan and Trent still intend to join up with the army in Australia. Jess doesn't seem to know where she wants to go, now. When I ask, she just snaps at me, so I've dropped it. She'll keep traveling with us for now, but I get the sense that her plans are just as ruined as mine. Maybe moreso.

The four of us, along with the two Canadians, are heading eastward in the van we found. We'll get there in about three days, assuming we don't have to stop often.

We won't have to worry about food, apparently--as imperfects and refugees, we'll have plenty of help from various restaurant owners. Gas will probably be free--or at least discounted--as well.

Guess I just have to sit back and try to enjoy the ride.

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