June 24th, 2066

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I tried to hold my hand steady while we drove toward Germany, today. It's a good way of checking on the tremors. They're still barely noticeable, so that's good.

Candice had some cannabis oil and gave it to me. It's great for the days when my pain is significant or I get stressed about my forgetfulness. I'm saving the oil for a time when I really need it.

Everyone is, of course, heading for Germany, so there's an awful lot of traffic. On top of that, part of the trip has to be done by ferry. Those ferries being backed up with countless vehicles is really adding to the length of the trip. Our 14 hour drive is going to be closer to a 30 hour one, at least.

It's a shame that this is my first time being over here. There's beautiful scenery all around, though its beauty is diminished by the purple fog and terrifying funnels.

Candice and Jess have been taking turns driving. They keep holding hands and it makes my stomach turn because Candice still doesn't know. I've done my part, though. I slipped that torn out paragraph to her that described Jess and Trent's pseudo-relationship. She'll find out, eventually.


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