June 27th, 2066

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I never pictured my first plane ride to see Sara would be under these circumstances. I never imagined I would look through the window to my left and see a large, mortifying cloud of purple, creeping and expanding toward me.

Most of all, I never thought I would hear screams and shouts as the plane took off. I never thought I would hear and feel and explosion behind me as the landing gear of my plane was retracted. I never thought that the airport I had just been inside would be reduced to smoldering ash. I never thought that as the plane rotated slightly, I would see a crater, glowing a bright purple, staring back at me.

But that's how it happened. That's what I saw. Anyone who was unlucky enough to have a flight after my own has been killed. Those who weren't killed are now fleeing yet another Renewer cloud as it slowly expands, consuming and destroying everything in its path.

Why am I safe? How is that fair?

And... did Jess and Candice make it out?

Trent doesn't seem to care about them. Well, he told me he doesn't. His face says otherwise.

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