December 20th, 2064 (Chat Session)

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Sara: I hate what it took for me to find you, but now I can't imagine life without you.

Darren: Same. Why did this awful disease have to come around just for you and I to be together. You're all I want and need. You're what I've been looking for.

Sara: I love you. I hope we can make this work.

Darren: I love you. You're stuck with me. No take-backs.

Sara: Mum's always yelling at me cause I'm constantly on my phone. I always get so giddy when we talk hehe.

Darren: Aww. My parents are more excited that meeting you has made me open to romance, again. After my diagnosis, I settled for dying alone.

Sara: Now we can die together.

Darren: Ha! Yes. Especially if I move to Australia, since everything there wants to kill me.

Sara: I've made it this far without dying, I'll protect you! As long as you can protect me from my clumsy self.

Darren: Deal. Are you still coming here in February? I want to take you places, hold your hand... maybe show you off.

Sara: I'll try my hardest. I have the time, just gotta scrape the airline ticket!

Darren: I'll help all I can! I need to pay the sales tax on my car as soon as possible, but then I can save to help with the ticket. And [if] we don't have money to go get food or anything after that, we'll just cuddle and watch TV 'til I get the courage to kiss you.

Sara: I'll be kissing you the second we meet! Also, staying in and snuggling is my favorite. TV all day.

Darren: No! I have a special spot in mind for kissing you for the first time. Kansas City's central library. Let's kiss on the roof.

Sara: Okay!


Sara: Is this real?

Sara: Like, is it really happening? Or are you just playing. Because it's real to me. I love you. Are you going to leave?

Darren: No, it's real for me. Is there anything I did or said that made you worry about me leaving you? Is there something I can do to help you have more confidence in our relationship?

Darren: 'cause I love you so much.

Sara: No, it's just my silly insecurities. I'm having an off day. I love you.

Darren: I love you.

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