Author's Note

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Hey, everyone!

Thanks so much for sticking through to the end of this part. It's been fun--and challenging--keeping up with it.

Entries will continue to be daily, but will now take place in The Imperfect's Journal: Part 2 (July-October). Wattpad has a limit of 200 parts per work, and I didn't want to have awkward splits when I reached that limit. Instead, I'll be splitting the journal into different books based on what is occurring in the story.

I hope you'll check out the entry for July 1st, 2066 TOMORROW, at around the same time that my entries typically get published. The work is already published and you can add it to your reading list to get updates when the next entry is released. As a bonus, there's already a special entry published for the book, so go check that out!

Finally, I'd like to thank some of my most consistent, top-notch, in-it-for-the-long-haul supporters. The first few entries of Part 2 will be dedicated (in alphabetical order) to the users who have been with me since I first joined back in April (some of whom I would now consider friends!). Your comments, votes, reads, and messages have helped make The Imperfect's Journal what it is.


Thank you all so much for sticking around.
I know I have many other readers, too, of course. However, these are the names that have stuck out the most through consistent comments, votes, and other shows of support since my very first entry. I hope to see these names again at the end of part two (and more names as well!).

But to ALL of my readers, whether you're Wattpad veterans or fans of my work outside of Wattpad: thank you for all your support!

T. L. Bainter

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