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" how do you know when you love someone"
The Side Table | ✔️ by sidrahreads
The Side Table | ✔️by Sidrat Al-Muntaha
Amina would never understand it. She only saw her son, Zumeer, gazing moonlight but for him, it was her that he saw. From the last 40 days, weird changes had occurred in...
Marriage: A Game of Destiny by rabia83279
Marriage: A Game of Destinyby Rabia Munawar
"I have a best friend as a husband, and he is my number one supporter. He's a family man, and he's always giving back to God. That is what makes him a beautiful man...
Imperfectly Perfect (Naruto FanFic) by gaara119
Imperfectly Perfect (Naruto FanFic)by gaara119
Meet Fuzen Kanpeki. She leads a normal life. A student in the ninja academy at Konoha. A good student. A couple of friends. A family to come home to every day. Mother, F...
Perfectly Imperfect ✔️ by DestinyJ2006
Perfectly Imperfect ✔️by Destiny Jones
"James Parker I still love you. For some odd reason." James laughed again, "Justice Parker I've never stopped loving you." *** "The worst f...
Mr Perfect | Minsung by nnyuqq
Mr Perfect | Minsungby ~C
Where Jisung finds out that minho who was known as mr perfect, isnt as perfect as he seems. | ongoing □ |completed■ |editing■
Mr. and Mrs. Imperfect by FallenFangirl_
Mr. and Mrs. Imperfectby FallenFangirl_
Katie Reynolds is the most popular and liked person at school. Being the head cheerleader, having the friends, boyfriend, and supposed money, she seems like the definiti...
Perfect || Niall Horan by SmileForNiallx
Perfect || Niall Horanby Lauren
April Matthews will do anything to be perfect. With her boyfriend constantly pointing out her flaws, it becomes her only goal to make them disappear. However, when she r...
Difficult Journey (A Big Girl Love Story) by May99_Jas18
Difficult Journey (A Big Girl Jas
May has always had a problem with her weight, she never really excepted the fact that she is big and beautiful. She always did have her best guy friend by her side thoug...
Deafening - K.TH ✔️ by KpopRuinedMyLifeArmy
Deafening - K.TH ✔️by KpopRuinedMyLifeu
"Hey" ... "Are you Ignoring me?" 𝘛𝘢𝘱 She finally noticed then wrote, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean too. I'm Deaf :)" -~- A Kim Taehyung Fan...
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He is Imperfect - Jason McCann (On hold) by bizzle_kidrauhl
He is Imperfect - Jason McCann ( bizzle_kidrauhl
"That's Jason McCann, he's trouble.' Tammy whispered, averting her gaze from the lonely boy in the corner. "He just looks misunderstood.' I whispered back, obs...
You've Got Mail by HasiVA
You've Got Mailby Hasini
I get emails everyday, so I decided to make a collection of them. Check them out! DISCLAIMER: ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE RELEVANT MAILERS. I JUST COLLECT THE EMAILS.
What Is Your Imperfection? (Yoongi) by Trash_4_Yoongi
What Is Your Imperfection? (Yoongi)by 子猫
All Yoongi wants is to be perfect, shed away his imperfections to be the best version of himself. He has been told that perfection is just a text away. What he finds cha...
EUNOIA by SweetSimu
EUNOIAby | Mrs Badger |
❝ we are all just stars that have people names. ❞ - Nikita Gill. EUNOIA - beautiful thinking, a well mind. [a collection of all of my imperfect, unedited, messy poems. s...
Can I Trust You by Viola_Cello
Can I Trust Youby Viola_Cello
Maria is like the perfect girl in the corner. She plays the viola and when ever she can, she avoids people for they don't know the truth, she's trapped inside her own ca...
Hired by Peckie12345
Hiredby Nita
Meet Kayla Highlander,a modest but feisty 22 years old woman,who is forced to take care of her little brother after the demise of her parents in a car accident.After a c...
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The Cole Sisters || #wattys2019  by piker100
The Cole Sisters || #wattys2019 by Vartika Singh
[Completed✅] it's true that life gives you happiness in abundance. That was the case with the Cole Sisters. Clarabelle and Annalise Cole are sisters who love each other...
Uglydolls 2: Perfectly Unique by CultOfBepis
Uglydolls 2: Perfectly Uniqueby CultOfBepis
Shortly after the events of the first movie dolls started to come into Imperfection to live and find their child to love and be with. Some dolls however come with specia...