May 28th, 2066

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We actually stopped at a motel, tonight. We're ahead of schedule, apparently, and I think the workers could tell that everyone was stressed out after so much time on the bus. It'll be nice to not have to be cramped with Jess while I sleep, though we are sharing a bed with Morgan. Trent is sharing the bed beside ours with two people I haven't spoken to.

It's still a tad cramped, but lying flat on my back is putting far less strain on my spine than the awkward lean I've been doing on the bus every night.

It's not romantic or sexual in any way, obviously, but it has been nice to sleep beside someone. I haven't seen Sara since last February--we've both been saving up for me to move to Australia, so we haven't wasted any money on brief visits. That means that until this bus trip, it's been over a year since I had someone close to me while I slept. There's something comforting about that.

The next time I slept beside someone, it was supposed to be Sara, and it was supposed to be in her cottage. She has a cottage home that's quite far from her mother's home in Melbourne, which is where she normally lives. The cottage is in disrepair, so she's been fixing it up herself. The plan was for me to move there and help her with the cottage until it finally became a perfect place for her and I to live out our final days.

That probably won't happen, now.

Jess is demanding that I turn off my lamp, so I'll have to end this entry.

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