May 18th, 2066

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According to a group of campers Jess and I came across, we crossed the border early this morning. We weren't worried about the campers being against us because one of the children was missing an arm--a sure sign of imperfection.

We ate lunch with the campers and then continued our trek until we found a small town--or city, I guess--called Yahk. We aren't the first imperfects to have arrived here. Jess and I were given a room to sleep in, warm food, and then told that we would receive more individualized assistance in the morning, such as access to required medication and advice on how to reach our destinations.

It seems the Canadian government prepared its southernmost cities and towns for a mass exodus from America. I'm grateful for that, as is Jess.

Jess is in the same room as I am, though we were (thankfully) given separate beds. We're staying in a motel that has opened its doors, free of charge, to imperfect refugees. Again, I'm grateful.

When I asked Jess where she was going after this, she only said that she wants to leave the continent. She explained that Canada may feel safe at the moment, but it won't be safe for much longer. War will strike within weeks or even days.

I fear that she's right. I told her that she's welcome to come with me to Australia, but she thinks that's ridiculous because Australia was the first location to be attacked. Again, she's right, but that won't sway me from seeking out Sara.

Jess has been decent company for the past day, so I'll hate to see her go, but we have different goals, so it seems we'll have to separate.

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