Believe in me by elletype
Believe in meby e v a
[crois en moi] He thought that she cheated,he made her suffer,married with her bestfriend.. She lost her baby..And then he knows about the truths..but too late because h...
  • death
  • croisenmoi
  • generalfiction
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Trouble In Paradise? by ThatOneAuthor101
Trouble In Paradise?by Cassie.M
After battling with a life threatening disease, Stephanie finally got the all clear on her health. She was free to live her life. She is starting a new school at...
  • featured
  • badboy
  • humor
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bouquet | izuku midoriya x reader by khainxiety
bouquet | izuku midoriya x readerby ☆ failure ☆
QUIRKLESS AU ××× "The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The i...
  • izukumidoriya
  • alternateuniverse
  • readerinsert
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His weak mate by pandapet22
His weak mateby potatoiooiioo
Hana is a human or at least she thinks she is. She has been sick since she was little and this lead her to never being able to go outside go to school or make friends. H...
  • mate
  • sick
  • disease
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Error : Soulmate Not Found | Klance| Hanahaki| by -shininglynx
Error : Soulmate Not Found | Klanc...by Lynx Day
Along with having your soul mates name glow when you read it, a mark on your skin shows how many lives you've lived in the past. Keith Kogane is wrapped in a veil of m...
  • voltron
  • love
  • pidge
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Creation Causes Destruction  by your_perfection010
Creation Causes Destruction by Faith
{BOOK 8} "Say you love me!" I slammed her frail body against the closet, a scream leaves her soft mouth making me instantly step back. She started breathing h...
  • frail
  • love
  • drugs
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The Rise of the Outbreak (#Wattys2018) by GatoKitten
The Rise of the Outbreak (#Wattys2...by K. M. Taylor
Eden Lemington's worst nightmare has become a reality. A deadly airborne virus has threatened death among an entire nation and only continues to get worse. Eden if force...
  • virus
  • novel
  • infection
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What He Needs by CrazyCupcakes01
What He Needsby ღStephanieღ
Winston thought that his life couldn't get much worse after he gave up everything in order to be with his high school sweetheart. But the universe seemed to have a sick...
  • love
  • broken
  • hope
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Loveless Flowers [TomTord] by BlueCipher0
Loveless Flowers [TomTord]by Blue Leader
Love is a dangerous emotion. Well, in Tom's opinion at least. Years after college and living with his friends for a few years, things were alright until he started lovin...
  • romance
  • ewtord
  • flowers
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Life, Love & A Little Coffee by oliviarose85
Life, Love & A Little Coffeeby Olivia Rose
With only a month left of high school, barista and student Ada Sinclair prepares herself for the next chapter of her life; her dream college and a fresh start that doesn...
  • romance
  • generalfiction
  • forbidden
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The Disease Called Men by _quinta
The Disease Called Menby quinta
Who needs boys? Certainly not Aldenbury Girls Grammar School! Just when everything began to finally fall into place, it falls apart - at least, for student council presi...
  • friendship
  • love
  • highschool
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For her by shivikalover
For herby Crazy_writer123
For her I'd be capable of everything. I'll take the moon for her, I'll take the stars to put them all in her eyes, I'll give my life for her, because without her I am no...
  • aayat
  • save
  • shivani
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The vows we never said(mxm) ✔ by XPerfectDistraction
The vows we never said(mxm) ✔by Dante Cullen
[COMPLETE] Charles "Charlie" Roberts is Patrick's little Koala. Patrick del Castillo is Charlie's first kiss. One terrible incident is what separated them, res...
  • disease
  • manxman
  • childhoodsweethearts
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Adopted~A Jelena Story by ridiculous326
Adopted~A Jelena Storyby jelenalover326
A girl with autism wants to feel what normal people feel, and do normal things that people usually do. Although she was given up by her mother and father, someone was wi...
  • disease
  • justinbieber
  • selenagomez
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Wings Of Freedom by Draxus04
Wings Of Freedomby Draxus04
Highest in Fantasy #305: Skyler York, a very intelligent high school student with almost perfect grades. She always scores the top of her class, until one day. One day s...
  • invasion
  • dragon
  • experimentation
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Dying Roses (ChanCheol, JiHan) by ImTrash4MarkLee
Dying Roses (ChanCheol, JiHan)by T R A S H
He watches as the flower's petals slip through his slim fingers and can't help but wonder, "Are these beautiful petals some sort of metaphor for my broken love?&quo...
  • sad
  • onesidedlove
  • jihan
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Ashes by angrychinchillanoise
Ashesby Ana
Book 2 in the Burning Series: the sequel to Dust. The world is changing. There used to be men, and there used to be monsters. The line between the two is blurred now. Lo...
  • postapocalypse
  • romance
  • desert
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Broken Wings - Grey's Anatomy Story by charlotte010g
Broken Wings - Grey's Anatomy Storyby Charlotte's Reads
Derek Shepherd's daughter gets sick. With her life on the line there's just one way to save her but that requires bringing someone from her past that Derek thought he wo...
  • ameliashepherd
  • greys
  • greysanatomy
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The After Effect (Book 2) by alrains
The After Effect (Book 2)by A. L. Rains
The After Effect follows the journey of Aurora, along with her friends, family, and the revolutionaries as they re-enter Earth and plunge into a quest to find the Presid...
  • scifi
  • mountains
  • romance
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✅ Butterfly (Adopted By BTS) by PriincessBangtan
✅ Butterfly (Adopted By BTS)by PrincessBangtan
When 5 year old, Misun has a disease, Children's Alzheimer's; she is adopted by BTS, she will go through struggles and haters. what will happen later on in her life? wil...
  • rm
  • parkjimin
  • bts
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