May 12th, 2066

33 11 9

I'm writing this by the interior of light of Betty's car. I filled up at a gas station off the highway and now I'm parked behind that same gas station. A cop pulled up while I was getting gas, but she didn't bother me; she simply went inside, got some food, then came out to fill up beside me. It was nerve-racking.

I've got a pillow and a blanket to keep me warm, tonight. Seems I'll be sleeping in the car.

With just 20$ left, it's possible I'll be stealing (or worse, begging) to fund the rest of my trip. I'm not sure how I'm going to do it without attracting attention to myself. Maybe I'll find another imperfect who... has a lot of money? Something. I'll think of something.

Leaving the light on is making me nervous--someone might see that there's somebody in here. I'm shutting it off, now. I need to sleep a bit, anyway. Tomorrow I'm going to need to find a way to eat, drink, and refill my gas at whatever rest stop I manage to reach.

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