May 27th, 2066

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Three more days. The bus is right on schedule. That's good, since I'm insanely bored, here. Occasionally, someone tries to conjure up a fun game, but none of us are really in the mood for games.

I've been telling Jess a few things I remember about my past. I even allowed her to read one of my old journals. Oddly, she didn't find my entries from the time Sara visited early last year to be romantic. She mostly snorted and called me a cheese.

Since I opened up to Jess about my own romantic entanglements, I thought it was fitting that she tell me about hers. She's told me so much about herself already, but none of her stories have pertained to her love life.

When I asked Jess about her romantic life, her mouth clamped shut, her eyes narrowed, and she suggested that we both get some rest. I'm even more curious, now, but it's best not to pry; Jess still has her knife, after all.

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