May 29th, 2066

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Tomorrow afternoon, we're supposed to arrive at the airport. In preparation for that, everyone was given a small paper ticket that details the departure gate and time of their respective flights. My flight is taking off a few minutes after 7PM, and it looks like I'm lucky enough to share a plane with Morgan and Trent.

Seeing our tickets was a bit saddening for Jess and I. I know we haven't known each other long, but right now it feels like the world is ending and we have to hold on tightly to whomever we can. Never seeing Jess again means that I'm probably going to forget what her friendship means to me, and that breaks my heart. I can write about it all I want, but I know that when I read this later, it won't be the same.

It doesn't matter how much someone means to me. I will still forget. I even forgot Sara. I actually forgot her when I went into the bunker. I forgot the woman I love and needed to remember her by reading a letter and seeing a photograph. Jess doesn't mean nearly as much to me as Sara does, making it even more plausible that my memory of our friendship will dissipate as quickly as it was established.

The news was playing at a charging station, today. Apparently, the people who breathed in the odd, gaseous cloud created by the Renewer aren't dying, they're suffering and changing. There were photos of them displayed, revealing jaundiced eyes, skin with a purplish tint, and (on some of them) small, purple boils scattered across their bodies. Doctors in Australia still aren't sure what the Renewer is actually doing, but all of the individuals affected have been quarantined. It pains me to think that Sara might be one of those suffering people.

To make matters more terrifying, Dr. Crane (the man responsible for creating the Renewer) and his entire team are just... gone. Even the United States Government is searching for them. They're just gone. Disappeared. An entire team of scientists has vanished, like they couldn't face the consequences of their own creation.

Crane had seemed so enthusiastic about the Renewer during previous interviews. His disappearance makes me think that the Renewer may not be behaving as expected. Whatever it's doing now might not have been part of the plan.

And that... That's the scariest part of all this. Yet, I'm not deterred. I'm going to Australia, no matter what horrors await me. I'm going to find Sara. Survival is pointless without her.

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