June 14th, 2066

20 8 8

Morgan showed me how to steer the boat, today. He had me jot down some sketches and diagrams, but I don't know that those will help me much. You can't teach new skills to someone like me. I'm sure my sketches will just look like gibberish if I ever refer back to them.

Still, it was fun. I enjoyed steering and guiding the boat, for a while. Morgan was always there to guide and assist me where necessary, but it was mostly... smooth sailing. Ha.

I know I've been writing this a lot, these past few days, but I wish Sara were here. She's all that's missing. Everything is wonderful out here. The waters are calm, the sea and sky are beautiful, there are no explosions or gunshots... It's all so wonderful. It's like the rest of the world has disappeared.

God, Sara. I can't wait to be with you, again.

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