June 23rd, 2066

20 9 5

Germany is just over 14 hours away, and it's currently being used as an evacuation point. This entire region is essentially damned, according to news reporters. The Renewer fog will continue to spread, destroying everything and turning human beings into those awful afflicted.

Those who want to seek refuge are being flown to a few discreet sanctuary cities and countries (no one is allowed to know which cities and countries those are, lest the U.S. drop Renewers on them, too).

Those who want to join the fight are being sent to... Queensland. My destination. They're being sent right to the place I told Sara to go. My path ahead is clear and certain for the first time. There's a spring in my step and a wordless song in my heart.

We'll start driving to Germany, tomorrow. Jess and Candice will be flying to a sanctuary, so that'll be when we say goodbye.

I've figured out how to tell Candice about what Jess did. She's already packed a bag, so I tore out part of an entry from my journal--a particularly condemning entry from June 15th--and stuffed it between some of her clothes within the bag. Hopefully, she finds it. She deserves to know the truth. If I were cheated on, I'd want to know.

So... she should know, right?
Maybe I should have left it alone.

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