June 9th, 2066

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It's a shame we can't just drift at sea forever. Jess isn't as keen as the rest of us, but I really don't mind this at all. I could just toss my journals into the ocean and forget everything if it weren't for Sara. She's the only reason I don't want to abandon ground entirely.

Perhaps when I find her, we can just ditch the world of grass and dirt together. We'll find a boat, drive it out to the middle of the sea, and slowly forget about the world that hates us for a disease we never wanted.

That sounds like a dream, though any thought I have involving her and I is a dream. That's why I can't just toss my journals overboard. For one, I need to remember where I'm going and why.

The second reason, though, is that I want to show these entries to Sara. I want her to see that my mind and heart were always hers, regardless of whether or not the day was bleak or wonderful.

Sara, I hope you're reading this right now. I hope you know that no matter the circumstances, I was always yours. I have always dreamed of our future, even in the dark hours. Here on this boat, all that's missing is you beside me.

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