April 26th, 2066

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Several countries had stated well before the Perfect America Bill was signed that they would not stand by while innocents were slaughtered for so-called "imperfections". A few of those countries have already made official declarations of war, per my mother (she left the bunker last night to get food from the house and check the news).

I'm not sure if I should call this a "new" war. The old wars never really ended. This is more like a new chapter in the same war that's been taking place since well before I was born. My mother told me that the reporters are calling it World War IV, but I don't remember the third one ending--that could be my memory loss, though.

As with any massive war like this, there are three key sides: supporters, opposers, and abstainers. Supporters of the Perfect America Bill include Russia, China, and (of course) America. The opposers are smaller, less powerful countries like South Korea, Australia, and Canada. It feels a bit like I'm back in grade school and the only thing standing between me and a few massive bullies is a group of small, angry children.

I appreciate the sentiment of standing up to the Perfect America Bill, but I'm not confident that a war will make things better. In the end, it'll probably just result in the slaughter of people like me all over the world as America's utopian dream spreads to the countries it dominates.

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