June 28th, 2066

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We're looking at an arrival date of July 4th. Fitting, I think.

That means I'll see Sara in 6 days. My heart is racing. I can't hold onto a single fearful, negative, or anxious thought. The smile on my face won't go away; when I try to frown, the grin just reappears.

Our pilot introduced herself as Stephanie Bagetti, but insisted that everyone call her Steph. She said we'll be stopping to recharge the plane in an allied city in two days, then it'll be a straight shot to Queensland. She wouldn't tell us the name of the allied city and stated that everyone would be expected to remain on the plane while it's recharging.

I guess that they're trying to keep as much information private as possible, lest they lose another safe point the way they just lost Germany.

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