April 27th, 2066

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I'm already tired of canned soup. My mother tries to make it interesting by mixing things from different cans together, but it's hard to make vegetable broth and beans anything other than dull and bland.

It doesn't help that the food is always cold, either. We have a hot plate down here, but Mother doesn't want to waste the power we have stored. There's enough for three years, if we continue at our current pace. I really don't think I'll survive on cold vegetable soup for three years, though, so it doesn't seem like it'll matter if we use the hot plate once in a while.

No one has come to the house, yet, but they'll probably be here, soon. My mom won't be heading back upstairs until after the search teams have come and gone, so we'll be ignorant of national and global affairs, for a while.

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