June 10th, 2066

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Jess took a break from Trent to come up to the top of the ship and talk with me, today. It was just casual chatting, at first, but things eventually turned to her plans when we get to Liverpool.

Her involvement with Trent hasn't affected her refusal to go all the way to Australia. She says that she and Trent are just a fling. I'm not sure Trent knows that.

When we get to Liverpool, she's going to talk with her cousin and find out what her plans are. If her cousin knows about a place where Jess will be safe, that's where Jess will go. Otherwise... well, she'll figure it out, she says.

I know it's wrong, but I'm hoping Jess's cousin doesn't know of a safe place. Hell, maybe she'll want to come with us to Australia. I just don't want to lose Jess; I haven't had real friends since my disease first developed. I had cut everyone off following my diagnosis.

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