May 7th, 2066 (Entry 1)

31 11 9

Mother left the bunker, this morning, and is going over to the neighbor's... ah, I can't recall her name. Had to flip back to my last entry to remember. Laura. My mother went to Laura's to get some groceries. After that, she says we need to stay in the bunker for at least another month, as it's likely another search team will sweep the area, soon.

I keep thinking about the attack on Melbourne. It's haunting me that I know someone there, but can't remember who. It was someone important. I'm sure my old journals mention the person, but those are upstairs and I forgot to ask Mother to fetch them, for me. I should have grabbed them when we came down here, but we were in such a hurry. So foolish of me--I know how important those are. What if the search team confiscated or destroyed them? And all my photos?

I'm getting worked up, now. Thinking about this has distracted me from how long it's taking for Mother to get back. Laura must be talking her ear off.

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