May 31st, 2066

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It's like I'm back in the bunker. Morgan, Jess, Trent, and I had just gotten off the bus when the bombs started to drop. We fled as quickly as possible and now we're hiding out in the back of a van.

Thankfully, no other bombs have followed. It seems they just wanted to take out the airport. America is trying to keep their imperfects trapped on this continent.

Morgan said that they didn't use a Renewer because doing so would have put their own country at risk. Since the effects of the Renewer spread over time, dropping one on Canada--particularly along its southern border--would be quite risky.

We've been in the back of this van for about twelve hours, now. I was happy to share my stolen food with everyone, but now I'm running low. This food was supposed to support one person, not four.

Trent and Jess seem to have hit it off. By that I mean they both climbed into the passenger seat and made out for a while. I'm glad that's all they did, since there's no partition between the back and front of the van.

They don't really know each other. I'm guessing it's an end-of-the-world thing. It didn't make me jealous, it was just annoying and... well, it made me miss Sara even more. I don't know what I'm going to do, now. I don't know how I'm going to get to her.

Morgan says we should sit tight for a couple more hours, then we'll go out looking for other survivors of the bombing.

The sirens ended a long time ago, but sometimes I still think I hear them. My ears are still ringing, too.

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