I looked in the mirror at my now brown hair. I really didn't think it would suit me anymore, but it really did. I still look like her. My stomach growled. I sighed, and grabbed my hoodie and fake prescribed glasses and hat. Now that I know Greyson is in the same vicinity as me, I REALLY need to keep a low profile. I know how people in the mafia work.. Well, I know from the stories I've read on wattpad, but what's the difference from a story and reality? They're all the same, and what I know is as soon as he found out I was gone, he sent out a search party, hence why he and Adam are here now. I mentally sighed and decided against going out for a while. I ordered in instead, and spent the night searching through channels for something to watch. Nothing so far. Something caught my eye as I was flicking through channels. "Local resident Alaina Spencer missing. If seen, please contact Greyson Kennmore IMMEDIATELY!" And there my picture was. Fuck. I'm royally fucked... So I really am cooped up in here. Dammit I really should have thought about this differently. Maybe I should just go back. NO ALAINA! YOU WILL NOT GO BACK! I groaned, and plopped back on the bed. Now I'm really hoping they don't find me here. I don't wanna go back there.


"Dude did you see that chicks ass!? It was hot." I rolled my eyes, and continued down to my suite. Someone already had MY suite occupied so I had to go to another one. As the owner of this hotel I should have fired the little shit that gave my room away, but right now I don't have the time or energy for it. I need to get to work on finding Alaina. I'm a fucking mafia leader, THE mafia leader and I haven't heard anything yet!? How could someone like her really think she can outrun mafia bosses!

"We'll find her man. We have to. She's in even more danger out there by herself. If they find out she's alive then they'll come after her." I glared at him and opened the room door. My suite is better than this here. I sighed, and threw my stuff on the bed. "Alright, I'm going for a shower." He nodded and started typing on his phone. "Try to get a lead on her." And with that being said, I walked in the bathroom slamming the door shut. I looked in the mirror. I'm starting to get scruffy. This girl is really getting to me and she shouldn't. I stripped out of my clothes and turned the water on. I stepped in and pressed my hands against the wall.

I haven't been completely honest with Alaina or myself..


"Shh your parents aren't here right now, now we can have a little fun." He stalked closer to me, and backed me into a wall. I had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. He had my brother tied to a chair with duct tape over his mouth. He grabbed me by my shirt, and pulled me closer to him. He tore my shirt in half, and pulled away my shorts. I couldn't scream due to the tape covering my own mouth. He turned and looked at my brother. "I want you to watch me have fun with your brother." Tears streamed down my face as he looked back at me with that sinister smile. He turned me around, and bent me down. Not a minute later, he was tearing me apart from the inside out.

I'm pretty sure my whole world was ripped away from me. My brother couldn't save me, I couldn't save myself, my parents couldn't save me. Tears continued streaming down my face. Every time I tried to fight, there was a blow to the face. He turned me over, and smiled sickly in my face. I couldn't move. As much as I tried, he put more weight on me.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!?" He stood and smiled. "Just teaching your boy how to be a man." A loud crunch rang in my ears as my dad punched the man and started beating him down. "Marco! Marco stop!" My mom untied me, and cradled me to her chest. My brother was freed by my dad, and the man laid there barely breathing. Mom took the tape off gently, and I hugged her, tears streaming down both of our faces. Dad was on the phone talking to someone and next thing you know, 4 men came in and took his body. "It's okay Greyson. Daddy will take care of it. It's okay." Mom tried soothing me, but all that ran through my mind was, I was raped.

The memories are tattooed in my mind. By now the shower water was cold. I told Alaina I was the way I was because of Alesiana. That's not entirely true. I've been this way since I was 10 years old, and Alesiana added to the fire. We had a thing for about 5-6 years and she wound up getting pregnant. While my mom didn't condone abortions, we had to keep the baby. Don't get me wrong, I do not regret my son, I just regret who I had him with. Alesiana wasn't as crazy as she is now. She loves the attention and ever since Alaina has been around, she's been trying extra hard to be around me. Like with that incident, Alesiana being Alesiana went off on her own while I took a phone call and headed for Alaina's room. Of course I catch her and try to get her to come back but then Alaina kisses her and fuck was that hot. I've never seen my little kitten do anything out of the ordinary before and I said why not, it's only a one time thing, and then she just HAD to suck me off right? The little bitch, made Alaina pissed at me. Of course it shouldn't have happened in the first place but it did unfortunately. "Grey! You done yet man I'm sure you used all the hot water now." I turned the water off, and grabbed a towel.

Fuck I'm going soft. Right now I'm not acting like a mafia leader, I'm acting like a fucking love sick puppy and I'll be DAMNED if I let that happen. Alaina Reece Spencer, you're in for it when I find you.



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