"Alaina you did great tonight! You had this one guy who couldn't keep his eyes off of you." I slid my shirt over my costume, and grabbed my things. "Yeah well it's all for money so I can pay for school." She nodded, and handed me my tips for the night. "I still think you should go out and thank the guy that gave you the biggest tip tonight." I raised an eyebrow. "You know who he is?" She nodded quickly. "Come on I'll show you." She grabbed my hand, and pulled me out to the front of the club. The place I work at is called Silk. It's a gentleman's club, and it pays really good money. My parents died in a car crash, and I'm stuck working and paying my way through college. I first noticed Silk when my map blew over towards the door. "Kyla, I really have to go before my bus leaves." She pushed through a group of men and brought me up to a tall male. "Mr Greyson Kennmore, Alaina Spencer." He turned and looked at me. I almost dropped my things.

"Ah, I've been waiting to meet you Ms. Spencer" He held his hand out. I took it slowly. "T-the pleasures all m-mine." He smiled. "Can I get you a drink?" I ran my fingers through my hair. "As much as I want to, I have a bus to catch." I headed towards the door, but he pulled me back. "I could drop you off. It won't be a bother to me." His slight accent making my knees almost melt. "O-Okay." He smiled and led me back to the bar. "Could I get a Gin and Tonic, and a cosmo for the lady please?" The bartender nodded, and started making our drinks. "So Mr. Kennmore,"

"Please, call me Greyson." I nodded. "So Greyson, what made you give me such a big tip tonight?" The bartender placed our drinks down. I took a sip first. "Well, I've never seen someone dance like you did today, and I must say you're good at what you do. I had to pay to see more." I took in his appearance. He had on a black Armani suit, with a white shirt and a blue tie. "You're very beautiful Ms. Spencer. I'd like to get to know you a bit better." I finished my drink, and looked at him. "Come again?" He finished his drink, and stood up. "Come, let's continue this conversation at my place."

"I-I have to get home." He sighed. "Must you go so soon?" I bit my lip. He pulled my lip from under my teeth. "Oh how I want to bite that lip." I gasped. I don't know why but something just screams Dominant when you look at this man. "Y-Yes, I have to go."

"Just for tonight, stay with me?" I looked up at him, his green eyes piercing into my own. "O-Okay." He nodded, and led me out of the bar. "Good evening sir, did you enjoy the show?" A man who I'm assuming is his driver opened the door, and waited for us to get in. "Yes, thank you Mikhail. This is Alaina, she'll be coming with me tonight."

"Yes sir." I looked over at Greyson who was staring out the window. "Mikhail could you put the partition up?" My eyes widened. "Right away sir." The partition slowly started to raise. "Now Ms. Spencer, I have a proposition for you," he placed his hand on my thigh. "If you shall choose to accept then you'll have everything you've ever wished for." His hand inched higher, almost touching my panties, which are now soaked. The car stopped, and the partition came down. "We have arrived sir." He nodded, and took my hand in his. "We will discuss more once we get in." Mikhail opened the door, and waited for us to get out. Greyson scooted out first, and pulled me after him. We walked into an expensive looking hotel. "Good evening Mr. Kennmore." He must be very famous here. We walked over to the elevator, and waited for it to stop on our floor. "You live here?" He looked down on me. "For business purposes only Ms. Spencer." I nodded, and walked in the elevator as the doors opened.
I felt his hot gaze on me, as we rode up to the 23rd floor. We were let off inside of a huge penthouse. "Please, have a seat Ms. Spencer." He motioned over to the couch. I walked slowly to the couch, and sat down. He brought out more wine, and an envelope. "This," he set the folder in front of me, and sat next to me. "Is a contract." I opened the folder, and took the thick packet out. "Whoa this thing is huge!" He chuckled. "That is very true Ms. Spencer." His voice got deeper. I looked at the contract, and gasped. "Wait a minute....Wha-what are you?" He stood over me. I felt shivers go down my body.

"I am a Dominant, and I want you to be my Submissive."

My eyes widened. I stood to leave but he caught my arm and spun me around, placing his lips against mine. I tried pushing him off, but he was too strong. What is this man doing to me!? I felt his hand roaming down to my core, moving my panties to the side. Before I could protest, his fingers slipped in. I bit my lip, and shut my eyes tight. "You're enjoying this Ms. Spencer." I groaned, and bit my lip.

"I want you. I want you as my submisive." I bit my lip as I got ready to release. He pulled his fingers out, and looked at me. "Be mine Alaina." I bit my lip again, and looked him in his eyes. "Okay, but first what's on this contract."

"I will be doing things to you that you've probably never experienced before." He pulled my shirt over my head, revealing my costume. "I'll explain the rules to you once we're finished." He ripped my costume off, and picked me up, carrying me to what I assume is his bedroom.

He threw me on the bed, and straddled me. He pinned my hands above my head. "Keep them there or I'll punish you." He trailed kisses down my body, aiming for my core. His tongue flicked over my clit, making me moan out. He kissed, sucked and nibbled on my clit for what felt like hours.

"Now, I want you to suck me." He reversed our position, and pulled his pants down.
"Open up." I opened my mouth slowly, as he started to inch his cock in my mouth. He groaned once it was all the way in my mouth. I licked the tip, and started to bob my head. "Shit...." He fist his hands in my hair, and pulled my mouth down on his cock more. He thrust into my mouth faster, gagging me. "Ah fuck I'm cumming." Next thing you know, I felt his hot seed sliding down my throat. I slid my mouth off, licking the remains of his juices off. "You're going to be a great submissive," he sat up and pulled his pants and boxers back up. "Now, the rules. I am your Dom and you're my sub. You will address me as Sir, Master, or Mr. Kennmore. You will not speak to me in any irrational way or you'll be punished. If you mouth off, or speak when not spoken to you will be punished. You are my Submissive therefore you will listen to me whether you like it or not. If you choose not to listen then you will be punished. Be a good girl, and I'll reward you. Am I understood?" These were a lot of rules to take in. "Ye-Yes sir." He nodded. "I had Mikhail grab you some clothes for the night. We will return to your house to pick up some of your things to take back to my house in New York. Understood?"

"Yes sir." He smiled, and took my hand in his, guiding me back to the living room, to the contract. I sat down, and took a deep breath. "May I have a pen please?" He pulled a pen from his jacket pocket, and handed it to me. "Thank you." I looked down at the contract and started reading.

Made this day _____________ of 2016
Mr.Greyson Kennmore (The Dominant)
Ms. Alaina Spencer (The Submissive)

I looked up at Grey------- Mr. Kennmore, and bit my lip. "What if I don't want to do this?" He kneeled down next to me. "Then I would let you go, and we would never see each other again." I looked back down at the contract. "I-If you don't mind me asking, what's in it for me?" He cupped my cheek, and brought my face closer to his. "You get absolute pleasure, and you get me." He pressed his lips against mine. He pulled away, and stood up. I bit my lip, and signed my name on the line. He picked up the contract, and put it back in the envelope. He pulled me up off the couch and brought my face closer to his yet again.

"Welcome to my world Ms. Spencer."



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