I just laid in Greyson's arms, staring at my engagement ring. "What're you thinking cara mia?"

"This ring, it's beautiful Greyson." He kissed my head, and pulled me closer. "It was my grandmothers ring. She gave it to my mother the day she died. She said 'Give to son who marry first.' No one thought I'd be the first to marry, let alone marry anyone. You know how I used to be. I slept with any and everyone without a care in the world. No one believed in me, not even myself." I touched his cheek. "You're a good man Greyson Kennmore, even if you don't see it." He kissed the palm of my hand. His phone started ringing.

"What is it?" I just looked at him as his expression changed from happy to annoyed. "I'll be down there in a minute." He then hung up and stood up. "I'll be back, try to relax and I'll see you in a bit." He pressed a gentle kiss to my lips and left the room. I decided then I wanted to try out our jacuzzi tub. I smiled evilly, and stripped my clothes on the way to the bathroom.


I walked down to the basement and heard muffled screams. I walked in the room, and he was there, chained to the wall. Adam pulled out  the black bag I use to "question" people. I opened the bag and pulled out my curved knife.

"So, Garrison or should I say Gabriel what the hell were you doing stalking my fiancé?" Gabriel looked at me with a fear stricken look on his face. "I was paid to! I was paid to follow you around, paid to follow you back here." I stabbed the knife into his stomach. "You know, I didn't think the description fit anyone I knew, except for the fact that you hide that hideous scar on your face. I know for a fact Alaina didn't see it that morning but did at the hotel." What Alaina didn't know was, Gabriel got that scar from a knife when he and I had gotten into a fight. He always covered it up. I stabbed him again. He let out an ear piercing scream. I didn't want to kill him just yet. I grabbed alcohol, and threw it in his wounds.

He bit back his screams. I put the bloody knife down, and grabbed another knife. "Who paid you?" Tears streamed down his face, I'm assuming from the pain. "I-I don't know. She came to me randomly!" So it's a chick behind this shit. "What does she look like?" He didn't answer me so I choked him against the wall.

"Who. Paid. You." He gasped for air. "H-her name started with an A." I let go of his neck. "A what?" He coughed and tried to get his breath back. "I don't know. She only went by A. I never met her. Some guy gave me the money but I never met her. She wants the girl dead and will stop at nothing. She was watching the whole time." I boiled with anger.

"She knows you have the kid. She knows where he is. She's coming for him and the girl. I'd watch who you trust with your family. Someone here has been giving her information. Someone cl——————-." A gunshot rang through the air and a bullet was shot through Gabriel's head. I turned and fumed with anger. Roman held his gun still aimed at Gabriel. "What. The. FUCK!?" He rolled his eyes and shielded his gun. "He was talking too much and it annoyed me. He doesn't even know who the bitch is so how would he have helped." He walked out of the room, and up the stairs. I glared at his retreating figure. "Something's really up with that guy."

I threw the knife on the table, and ran my fingers through my hair. "We need to take a trip. The sooner this shit is over, the sooner my family is safe from all of this." I slammed my hand on the table and went up the stairs. I grabbed my hair in frustration, and went up to check on Dmitry. He was in the room playing with mom. Whoever this bitch is has another thing coming if she thinks she's taking my family away from me. I went down to mine and Alaina's room and walked in. She sat on the bed watching a movie. "Oh my God Greyson what happened!?" She jumped off the bed and came over to me.

She touched my face and inspected my body. I grabbed her hands and forced her to stay still. "Alaina, it's not mine, calm down." She let out a breath of relief. "Wait..who's is it.." I just looked at her.

"You really wanna know that?" She backed away from me. Surely she knows that this is my job, and I HAVE to kill for us to survive. "Greyson..." I walked closer to her. "Don't touch me! Not like that!" I huffed and pulled her to me. I cupped her cheek, and pressed my lips against hers. She pushed me away and ran in the bathroom. She inspected her face and glared at me. "Clean yourself up and then talk to me."

I rolled my eyes, and walked in the bathroom. I turned the water on hot and stripped out of my clothes. I stepped in the water, and watched the dead blood go down the drain. I felt a set of hand on my back. I instantly looked up and turned around. Alaina stood there in all her glory. I wrapped my arms around her waist, and pulled her closer.

She wrapped her arms around my shoulders. I couldn't think straight with her this close to me and naked.

"I have to go out of town. I might be close to figuring out who's behind this." Her eyebrows furrowed.

"Why can't you do that here?" I sighed and pulled away. "I can't do it here. I have to go to certain places and do what I do best Alaina." She pulled away and got out of the shower. I sighed and followed her out not caring about the water right now. She threw clothes on not caring that she was soaking wet. "Alaina, look at me." She turned around and tears brimmed her eyes. Shit. "Please don't cry cara mia. I will be back as soon as I can. I won't leave you alone." I don't know why she was crying but seeing it makes my heart break.

"And when I come back, we have a wedding to plan for." I wiped her tears with my thumb, and kissed her cheeks. "And then you'll become Mrs. Alaina Reece Kennmore." I kissed her nose, and then her forehead. "And then we'll have more children and be one happy family." I saved her lips for last. She touched my hands. "Just come back to me." I kissed her again.




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