As promised, Greyson stayed with me all day. We managed to get a date, location, colors, hell even the cake down and done with. Right now, Greyson and I sat in the garden just enjoying each other's company. "What're you thinking about cara mia?" I looked up at him. "Just about how far we've come. It's unbelievable." A question that's been eating me alive came to the front of my mind. "How many submissives have you had?" His body tensed up. "Alaina.." his voice deepened. I turned to face him. "I'm serious, I want to know all of this Greyson. If we're getting married, then I need to know this stuff." His jaw tensed. "20.... I've had 20, you being my last.." He looked away me. "I told you I wasn't proud of who I was. No one lasted long, except for Alesiana, and then she got pregnant, on purpose might I add. She wanted to trap me. Wanted me to be hers. While I don't regret Dmitry, I wasn't ready for a kid. I didn't even want kids, but then if I didn't have children then who would've taken over in my place? Dmitry is next in line as Capo and will continue where I left off." I ran my fingers through my hair.

"Do you regret....our baby.. do you regret me?" He took my face in his hands. "I could never regret you. I could have left you in that car, I could've let you walk away from me in the club, I could've not looked for you when you left, I could've let them take you sooner, I could've let them keep you, but I did not because I fucking love you Alaina and I would've never done that for any other woman. So to answer your question, no I do not regret you our baby. You, Dmitry and our baby are the best thing that's happened to me." He stroked my cheek. "There's a lot we still have to learn about each other, and with time will we learn those things, but right now, I just want us to live in the moment." He stood up and brought me with him. "Now, enough with the sad, and onto the happy. I have something to show you." He took my hand in his and walked me back to the house.

"I'm going to cover your eyes, just relax." His hands went over my eyes and he walked me forward. "Greyson Kennmore where are you taking me?" He stopped walking, and uncovered my eyes.

In front of me was a beautiful reception hall.

"This is where our reception will be

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"This is where our reception will be." I walked in, and covered my mouth. It was BEAUTIFUL!

I turned and looked at him. " You did this?" He rubbed the back of his neck. "I asked my mom for help, but other than that, I've been working day and night to give you the perfect wedding." I walked over to him, and pressed my lips against his. He pulled me closer, and kissed me deeper.

"You weren't meant to see this until the wedding day." We turned and saw Adam smirking in the doorway.

"What do you want, you're in charge today." He looked at me, and back at Greyson. "La ragazza la sta chiedendo."

"Non lo permetterò e nemmeno tu. Lei sta lontana da Alaina." I looked up at Greyson. "This is about me? What's going on Greyson?"

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