Alaina just sat by the window looking outside. After figuring out that the person isn't the person we're looking for, I brought Alaina back here so she wouldn't witness what I was about to do. "Cara mia," I walked up behind her, and placed my hands on her shoulders. "What're you thinking about?" She sighed, and touched my hand. "Nothing. Just drawing up blanks." She then stood up, and walked away. I sighed and followed her. She walked into the bathroom, and turned the sink on.

"Maybe, maybe this really is my fault Greyson. Just hand me over to them and you'll all be rid of me. You're only putting yourself in danger trying to protect me." I turned her around and made her look at me. "Don't you dare say that again! You've been apart of this family since you were born. I won't hear another word about this being your fault when it's not." I kissed her forehead and turned her back towards the sink.

She splashed her face with water. "Well, since it's not my fault, I want to help. I want you to show me how to kill someone. Show me how to use a gun. Show me how to fight." I shook my head. "No. Absolutely not. I can take care of things. Me and my trained men can take care of things." She turned back around to face me. "You don't always have to protect me Greyson. You won't always be there to protect me, so I want to learn to protect myself." She pulled herself against me and wrapped her arms around my neck. "You want me to be safe right? What more can you do if you're not around? I can protect myself when you're gone." She nibbled on my ear. I gulped. "M-maybe I can show you a few things." She pulled away and smiled. "Thanks." She pecked my lips and pulled away fully, walking in the room. It was then that I realized I could never say no to Alaina. I was whipped. But something just dawned on me.

"Wait a minute, did you just seduce me into changing my mind?" She only giggled and laid in the bed. I couldn't help but stare at her. How could I get so lucky? "What?" A blush rose on her face. I shook my head, smiling. "I'm just admiring you, wondering how I got so lucky." She stood on the bed, beckoning me closer. I walked over to her, and she wrapped her arms around me. "You wouldn't have if I had walked away that night." She pecked my nose and let go of me. "So if I begged you to let me buy you a drink, would you have come home with me still? Or would you have just gone home?"

She thought about it and grinned. "Home." She then jumped down and ran. I followed her out, and was met with an empty hallway. I just chuckled to myself. "Well I wonder where Alaina could've gone." I saw the curtain move and noticed a white fabric sticking out. I shook my head, and went over to the curtain. Adam then walked down the hall. "Hey Adam, you seen Alaina anywhere?" He raised an eyebrow and before he could speak, I held my finger to my lips, and pointed to the curtains. I snatched the curtains back, and lifted her over my shoulder. "Hey no fair that's cheating." Adam and I chuckled. "James just brought your luggage in. Get dressed, mom made lunch." I nodded and walked my pouting girlfriend back to our room.

I sat her on the bed, and looked at her, chuckling. "You forget, I'm a mafia leader. I spot things out of place." She stood on the bed and started jumping. I swear you'd think she was 10.

"Get dressed cara mia. You must be starving." She plopped on the bed, and went over to her suitcase. "Absolutely! We haven't eaten, well since yesterday afternoon seeing as we left the restaurant and we left our food at the hotel." She started pulling out some clothes and I couldn't help but to stare at her. Damn I'm one lucky man. She started unbuttoning my shirt and still, I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

The shirt slid off of her shoulders and it took everything in me not to take her. She threw her shirt and jogging pants on, throwing her hair up in a bun. "Come on I'm starving!" She took my hand and walked us down the stairs. The smell of food hit my nostrils and my stomach growled. Man, being a mafia leader takes a lot out of you. I pulled Alaina's chair out before sitting in my own chair. Adam stood next to me and leaned down. "It's taken care of. After lunch he's all yours." I nodded and looked over to Alaina. She had engaged in a conversation with my mom. I felt a hand on my thigh. I looked to my left and noticed Stella had sat next to me. I shoved her hand off of me, grabbing Alaina's hand in my own. She looked over to me and smiled, before going back to her conversation. "You know you miss it Greyson. You miss the way I fucked you, the way I made you feel." Before I could speak, Alaina sat in my lap. "I suggest you find someone else to 'make feel good' because if I see your hands on him again, you'll lose them."

Stella was at a loss for words. Alaina just smiled and went back to her conversation while she sat on my lap. "Where's Dmitry?"

"I put him down for a nap. He's quite tired." I picked Alaina up, and sat her in my chair. "I'll be back." I went up the stairs, and walked into my parents' room. My father stood hovered over him. "He's so much like you Greyson." Dmitry lay there, peacefully. I kneeled down, and ran my fingers through his hair. He stirred in his sleep. "You did good son." He pat my shoulder, and walked out of the room. Dmitry opened his eyes and looked at me. He reached his hand out and touched my cheek. I never cry, but at this moment, I felt a tear fall out of my eye. He sat up, and held his arms out. I picked him up and he did the unthinkable.




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