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Casey Bingmon ❤️ By CasiliaCasaixx Completed

"Deep in the belly of every female is a desire, more ancient than the caves, to be forced to yield to the ruthless domination of a magnificent, uncompromising male, a master, deep within them they all wish to submit, vulnerably and completely, nude, to such a beast. This is completely clear in their fantasies. Earth culture, of course, gives little scope to these blood needs of the beauties of our race. Accordingly, these needs, frustrated, tend to express themselves in neurosis, hysteria and hostility." He bent me over his knee. 

"You are slave. You are owned. You are a female. You will be forced to be a woman. The Dominant man will accept no compromise on your femininity, not from a slave. You will be what I wish, and that is a woman, fully, and mine. If necessary, you will be whipped or starved. You may fight your Master. I will, if i wish, allow this to prolong the sport of your conquest, but in the end, it is you who are slave, it is you who will lose." He slapped my ass hard. I whimpered. 

"What are you?" He slapped again. 

"I am a slave girl."

"What is a slave girl?"

"A girl who is owned."

Welcome to the World of Domination. Enter at your own risk....

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