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Kayo | 18+ by EroticMarie
Kayo | 18+by 𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐈𝐄
"The Underground Fighter and His Kitten" ❦ Sasha "Kayo" Sokolov is a Russian fighter who was sent to America at a young age. One day, he met a young...
What I Want by snowwillfall
What I Wantby snowwillfall
When Haley is in a S-x club one of her clients comes too attached. R-16 Sex Scenes
Revenge of my wife's Obsessive Lover  by XxRipiscxX
Revenge of my wife's Obsessive Lov...by (•~•)
•Harley, C.E.O of a big company in his college days fell head over heels in love with Ailsa . He gave her marriage proposal to which her parent agrees because Harley is...
The world is still beautiful- honeymoon edition by fairytail_queen
The world is still beautiful- hone...by Lucy Dragneel
WARNING SEXUAL CONTENT!!! This is seven chapters of pure sexual activity ! THIS BOOK CHAPTER CAN BE SKIPPED ! If you read "the world is still beautiful" thi...
Within the society of superheroes known as quirks one now receive the mantle as the next user of the Ultimatrix, rise to face a challenge against the world and hidden re...
Reaper Mc Story by beebrannon
Reaper Mc Storyby beebrannon
Laura was left broken-hearted when she was sixteen. Now, five years later the man that broke her heart is back. She is still attracted to him, but he has changed. Is t...
Black Lagoon:Cold Black Hearts(Revy x Male Reader) by Victor_TheRiper
Black Lagoon:Cold Black Hearts(Rev...by Victor Hernandez
The city of Roanapur, a place where is nothing but money, power, gang violence, corruption, and a criminal's paradise, and for others...it's a nightmare. We take a look...
stripper killer [matty healy] by 1975niaz
stripper killer [matty healy]by Taylor
in which india chance falls for a man who would do anything to spill her blood {lowercase intended throughout} part one of three © 1975niaz
The Girl Who Cried Pleasure 🤫🥀 by tyler4303
The Girl Who Cried Pleasure 🤫🥀by tyler4303
"Indescribable, Fascinating, Vivid" - New York Times
Will You Marry Me❣️(SASUNARU) by Candy_k17
Will You Marry Me❣️(SASUNARU)by 🥀El’zora Lee💋
When Tsunade finally gets tired of Sasuke drilling his stick in every female he see's and most of all not acting like his age. As the Hokage, she's convinces or more lik...
Ctrl.  (Lamelo Ball story.) by YbnAnna
Ctrl. (Lamelo Ball story.)by Anna Pooh 💚
In this book Laiyla (Lah-eeylah) a very all around cool girl who has lived in chino hills all her life decides that she wants to change her appearance. She wants to be...
Twisted Affection by AnitaSweet16
Twisted Affectionby NewOrleans Bound
When a teenage boy starts falling in love with a grown woman and her husband starts to notice will he control his feelings or will they bring him on a journey.
Leo Valdez One Shots &  Preferences by Daughter_of_Hades101
Leo Valdez One Shots & Preferencesby Mrs.Valdez🔥
this is basically a leo x reader thing . I know this may flop but give it a try?😂You can give me requests if you one a specific thing😆. Also I do not I repeat do not o...
Exodus by Panterajean
Exodusby Panterajean
Growing up with the boys was all fun and games but, falling for both someone's bound to get hurt you can only have one or none. . . . . . I pre-write a lot so I'll updat...
Chris Brown Imagines  (Rated R) by venustahr
Chris Brown Imagines (Rated R)by 🌜 S.T.A.H.R 🌛
Dirty...Naughty...Sexual...Passion... "Stories Of Y/N and Chris Brown"
I can't kiss my Stepdad (Chris brown LS) by 3popcakes
I can't kiss my Stepdad (Chris bro...by 3popcakes
Camari life was prefect until her dad died which Change her life. One day after school her mom brought home a guy name Chris and she didn't like him, after awhile she gr...
Cherry Swirl (Rated R) by BeccaJTyrer
Cherry Swirl (Rated R)by BeccaJTyrer
"How is it that when your chest is against mine, that even though our hearts don't beat the same, and your breath exhales when I inhale. I feel as though we are in...