After dinner, Greyson had to take a few calls so I was left in the shower alone. I stood in the water thinking about how vulnerable I am when it comes to him. He says jump, I say how high. I'm that attracted to him, that I didn't even notice how much be really affects me. Mind, body and soul.

"Alaina, are you okay in there?" I snapped out of it, and looked over at the closed door. "Y-yeah. I'll be out in a minute." I cleaned my body and let my thoughts wonder back to him.

He is the forbidden fruit in the tree.
It's hard to describe what makes his voice sexy. It was deep, but a certain type of deep. His way of talking has me shivering with a tingling pleasure.

Sassy girls need guidance, but not from a gentle hand, but from a hand that screams power. Slap me. Bite me. Pull me. Spank me. Kiss me. Touch me. Love me. Beg me. Want me. Take me. Taste me. Protect me. Fill me. Need me. Understand me.

I turn the water off, and grab my towel, wrapping it around my body. I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed just how much I really am changing. Greyson Kennmore has changed me and I wonder, will I ever go back to the way I was before? I backed away from the mirror, and over to the door. I took a deep breath and opened the door. Greyson sat there on the bed with his shirt unbuttoned, texting away on his phone. I got down on my knees, letting my towel fall off of my body. I crawled over to him slowly. I needed to taste him. Feel him. I stopped in front of him, pressing my palms on his thighs. He looked down at me, raising an eyebrow. "Alaina, wha--------."

"Let me please you, Sir."

He sucked in a harsh breath when he heard those words leave my lips. I unbuckled his belt, pulling his already erect cock out. I stroked him a little, watching his precum drip down. I licked my lips, and wrapped my lips over the tip.

I taste him, and I realize,
I have been STARVING.......

Greyson groaned, and fisted my hair. I looked up and into his pleading eyes. I slide my mouth down more, causing Greyson to jerk. He stood up, grabbing my head, fucking my throat deep. I could feel drool sliding down my body but I did not care. The only thing I care about right now is pleasing Greyson.

He gripped my hair as he continued to throat fuck me. I'm sure my pussy was pulsating by now, waiting to be fucked. "God dammit Alaina." He swore under his breath. I could feel him growing in my mouth as his cum slid down my throat. I licked the rest of his cum up.

"Swallow it." I did as he said, and swallowed all of his load. He lifted me up by my chin. You could see it in his eyes, he needed that. "Alaina.."

"I want you to fuck me Greyson. Fuck me hard. Take me over and over again until I am begging for your cum ." I pushed him on the bed, and he gladly let me. I crawled on top of him, and started taking his shirt off. I kissed down his body, earning a throaty moan from him. He flipped me over, so that I was on my back. He took one of my nipples into his warm inviting mouth, while pinching the other one. I gasped out in pleasure. Fuck I couldn't take it, I need to feel him. I took his free hand and brought it up to my mouth, slipping his thumb past my lips. He watched me, lust clouding his vision. He leaned down on me, pressing his lips against mine. He stuck his wet thumb in my pulsating pussy , driving me wild. I groaned and pressed myself into him more.

"Is this what you want Alaina? Tell me what you fucking want." I moaned as he slipped 2 fingers past my inviting lips.

"Take me Greyson. Dominate me." Those words drove him over the edge.

He flipped me over so that I was lying on my stomach. He leaned down next to my ear. "You let me know if I start to hurt you. Once I start I won't be able to stop." With that being said, he thrust into me hard and fast. I screamed out in pleasure. Fuck I missed this! Greyson gripped my hips tight, possibly leaving his mark. I gripped the sheets tight as he continued to penetrate my pussy. He pulled me up by my hair, and choked me. I wrapped my arm around him, feeling him rub my pussy with his free hand. "You're so fucking tight cara mia. I can't get enough."

He pulled out of me, and turned me around, kissing me roughly. I drug my nails down his chest, causing a hiss leave his lips. I thrusted my hips forward, indicating I needed him filling me again. He thrusted in me, causing a loud scream to go past my lips.

"Shit , Alaina are you okay?" He stopped moving. I moved my hips up, hoping to get more pleasure. "G-Greyson....Don't stop." I kissed his neck. "Please don't stop Greyson." He started thrusting slowly, being careful not to hurt me. He laid back, letting me be on top. I placed my hands on his chest, rolling my hips. He groaned and threw the pillows to the floor. Me being on top, in control drives Greyson wild. He was thrashing around, trying to keep himself together. He gripped my thighs and thrusted in me fast. Fuck I could feel my pussy about to explode. "Fuck Greyson I'm gonna cum !" I cried out my release as I milked Greyson's cock. He continued to thrust in me, spilling himself in me, pulling me in for a rough kiss. We both laid there panting hard and it was then that I knew, Greyson was just as deep as I was in this. We were both trapped in each other and neither one of us complained. We are one. We've become one. And there's no going back from that.



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