"ALAINA REECE SPENCER!" I grabbed my hair in frustration, and went to open the door. He slammed the door open, and stormed in. "What the hell was that about!?" I didn't answer him. "Did you hear what I just said!?" I still didn't answer him. He pressed me up against the wall with his hand wrapped around my throat. "I said did you fucking hear me..." I just looked at him. "¿Por qué no vas a ver a tu preciosa Alesiana." I tried shoving him off of me but he held me there. "Alesiana? What does any of this have to do with her!?" I tried fighting him off but he was too strong. "Dejame ir hijo su puta madre!"

"Stop fucking fighting and listen to me!" By now I was breathing hard. "Alesiana means nothing to me! She was here for you! Not for me! I get off on YOUR pleasure! Not hers! I DO NOT WANT HER I WANT YOU!" He was breathing equally as hard as I was. "All I've fucking wanted was you since the first time I saw you and I knew I had to have you!"

"You saw me at a strip club, you could've chosen any other damn stripper in the club!" I couldn't control my thinking with him naked in front of me.

"That's not where I first saw you."


"What do you mean that's not where you first saw me?" He pulled away from me, and ran his fingers through his hair. "I know who you are Alaina, I've known for a while!" I furrowed my eyebrows.

"4yrs ago your parents died in a fatal car crash, but you were the only one who survived. You were 17 then, much too young for me. I saw the accident happen, only it wasn't an accident. Your parents were assassinated, and they thought you were dead too, but I was the one who saved you. You were barely breathing, barely had a pulse. I was afraid you wouldn't make it. The doctors said you wouldn't make it without a transfusion. Your parents were dead so they couldn't give it to you, so I had to do it. Days passed and you were in a self induced coma. You wouldn't wake up. I came back every day and still no changes. Wonder why you don't remember me? Because I walked in one day and you were waking up, I said to you "One day we'll meet again mia cara," and then I left before you fully woke up. Years passed and I kept tabs on you. I know every place you worked, what school you went to and even went to your university and paid off your tuition so you wouldn't have to show your body off to every man in the city. That makes me mad, bone twitchingly mad. I hate when another man looks at you the way I should be looking at you. I should be the one to take care of your body the way it should be taken care of. Caressing every inch until you melt under my touch. NO MAN should be seeing what I see every day. NO MAN should be touching what's mine. Only I get to. Do you get it now? You've been mine for 4 yrs. Any man who would try and touch you in any way, I took care of them. Personally."

I gasped, and covered my mouth. My parents were MURDERED!? How? Why? And Greyson already knew who I was before this all started. "If you know who I am, what color was my hair then?" He rolled his eyes. "Brown. You dyed it because it reminded you of your mom." My eyes widened. What. The. Hell. WHO IS THIS MAN!? "To the public eye, I am Greyson Kennmore, the most successful man in all of New York City. To the world I am Greyson Vincenzo, the most feared, ruthless Mafia leader. We took my mother's last name, Kennmore, for those not in the gang. Vincenzo, to conquer, win. Greyson Vincenzo.

"Who murdered my parents......" He sighed. "It's not going to solve anything if I tell you."

"Who. Murdered. My. Parents!?"

He just stared at me lustfully. "You know you're hot when you're angry?" I grabbed a towel, and covered my body up. He stormed over to me and snatched the towel from around my body. "Don't ever fucking hide your body from me." I glared at me. "Keep it up princess, your glare doesn't scare me one bit. You look like a little bear."

"Who fucking murdered my parents Greyson!?"

"Russians. Your parents were 2nd in command in the mafia, and they were onto them, your parents weren't expecting them to attack them when they had their weakest point with them." Mafia? Working for him? Now I am so confused. "Wha--what? They worked for you? Mafia? I'm confused. My dad was a lawyer and my mom a doctor." He let out a dry laugh. "Is that what they told you?" I crossed my arms over my chest. "Yes and I believed them. How could they lie to me like that?"

"To protect you. Just as I'm doing now." Greyson picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. "PUT ME DOWN." He walked out of the bathroom, and out of my room. "Only when we get to where we are going will I put you down cara mia." He smacked my ass and continued walking. I just huffed and hung there with my bare ass on full view, in his face. He stopped walking and from what I could see he was peering around the corner. "Maurecia?" There was no reply so he continues walking. We end up in front of the door Maurecia almost caught me going into one day. "Greyson seriously I'm getting dizzy up here." He reached up on top of the door ledge, and grabbed a key. "This room," he unlocked the door, and walked in. It was pitch black in here. He set me down and turned on the lights. It took me a minute to adjust to the light, but when I did, but did I wish I didn't.

Pictures and newspaper clippings about me and my family. Pictures of me doing any and everything. I've never been more scared in my life. I turned to look at Greyson and he was staring at me. "Yo-you weren't kidding." He shook his head. "Welcome to MY real world Alaina. My job is to protect you and provide for you, just as it's always been." So the dark and mysterious Greyson Kennmore actually does have a heart. I don't know whether to be happy about that, or scared....



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