We haven't been here but for 30 minutes and I'm already bored! I sat next to Greyson twirling a pen between my fingers. "Ms. Spencer, do you have anything to add?" I looked up and noticed everyone staring at me. Greyson smirked at me. "I uh, I think you've covered it Mr. Kennmore." I felt his hand on my knee. I squirmed a little. "Surely there's something you want to add." His hand started going towards my now wet pussy. "Ahh—I-I mean no. No you said everything that needed to be said sir. I think that concludes this me-meeting." I'm pretty sure my face was flushed right now.

"Gentlemen, let me see you out." He pulled his hand away from my crotch area, and stood to walk the men out. I fidgeted with my hands while I waited for his return.

" I must say Ms. Spencer, you put on quite the show." A tall man walked towards me. I stood up and backed up. "Wh-what're you talking about?" He walked closer to me. "I know you're no assistant to Kennmore, or a fiancé. You're his whore, his bitch, his pocket pussy." He stepped closer to me. "What do you want from me?" He had me trapped against the wall. "Allow me to show you just what I want." He trailed a finger down my neck, causing a shiver to run down my spine and not in a good way.

"Gabriel, just what in the fuck do you think you're doing to my fiancé?" Greyson stood in the doorway with his arms crossed. Gabriel smirked at me. "C'mon Greyson, you know we always used to share women, why can't we share this little vixen?" I tried getting away from him, but he gripped my arm. Greyson stormed over and ripped his hand off of me. "Keep your fucking distance Maserati! Alaina is mine!"

"Ahh so the vixen has a name. Just as sexy as her. You care about this one. You normally never care about your whores." Something in Greyson snapped as he punched the man in his face. "Greyson!" He continues to punch the man to the ground. I tried to stop him but he was too strong. Tears stung my eyes. "Greyson please.." He turned and faced me. His face went from angry to ashamed in a matter of seconds. "Alaina..." I ran out of the room and towards the stairs. "Alaina!" I ignored his calls. I ran down the stairs, and into a bathroom. I ran in the stall and locked myself in. I brought my knees up to my chest, and cried my eyes out. Never have I seen Greyson like this before. He looked like a monster! The bathroom door opened, and I tried to keep my sniffles quiet. "Alaina, I know you're in here..please open the door so I can explain." I crawled closer to the toilet, so he wouldn't be able to see me. "Alaina...please.. I'm sorry I scared you.." I continued to silently cry.

He sighed and sat down in front of my stall. "I used to live here from when I was 17 up until 21. Gabe, Gabriel Maserati was my best friend out here. We used to share women. Fuck and dump. So when he said that to you I completely flipped out. I haven't been that way since I've laid my eyes on you and I don't plan to. I'm not that man anymore Alaina." I wiped my tears with the back of my hand.

"He.......he said I was your whore.... if he sees that, I'm sure you can as well...."

"Open the door Alaina...."

"Is that all you see me as? As your whore, pocket pussy? A submissive." He stood and kicked open the door. I tried scooting far away but of course there's a wall there.

He grabbed my face in his strong hands. "Alaina, listen to me. Yes you were just a submissive to me...but that was before..before I opened myself up to you in more ways than others. I told you about my son. I haven't told another other woman I've had sexual encounters with about him. Alaina, you mean a lot to me. You may not see it, but you have a big effect on me.. when you left me, I knew that I messed up big time, and I had to get you back.. the night of the gala, I had to protect you. I was scared out of my mind because I thought I had lost you. I brought you with me because I wanted to protect you, and I couldn't do that whilst being away.. I brought you here because I want you with me at all times no matter where it is. You are mine Alaina and I'll be damned if I ever let another man touch what's mine."

"What about Adam.... you let him touch me..." he looked down. "He was the one that made me realize that you were more than a submissive..."

Greyson is changing more and more everyday, but that doesn't change that he almost pummeled a guy to death.

"You have an anger problem..." he ran his fingers through his hair. "Comes from a traumatic experience...." I raised an eyebrow, wanting to know more. "Let's get you out of here. We still have some exploring to do." He helped me up off the floor. He wiped away the remaining tears. "I'm so sorry Alaina." He kisses my forehead and leads me out of the stall. He holds my hand tight as if he never wants to let go. He pulled me closer and wrapped an arm around my shoulder.  I hadn't realized I ran all the way to the lobby so it wasn't a surprise that I saw a bunch of business men and women strolling in and out of the building. We walked outside and surprisingly the air felt nice. "Will you be needing a car today Mr. Kennmore?" He looked down at me. "No, I think we're gonna walk today." He nodded and Greyson pulled me off with him, walking towards the sunlight. I could get used to this side of Greyson. Who knows when he'll go back to being the dominant mafia boss. Right now, I just want to bask in the moment.



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