I woke up drowsy. Ugh, what the hell? What time is it? I looked over at the bedside table. I saw a note on the table, along with a tray of food. I opened the note and started reading.

Had to go in to work, be back soon. While I'm gone I want you to eat, and get dressed. Mikhail left you clothes in the living room. Enjoy.

I removed the cover from the tray, and started munching on a piece of toast. After I finished my breakfast, I decided to get up and shower. I turned the water all the way on hot, letting the water soothe my pores. Images of last night kept popping into my head. The way Greyson kissed my body, and the way he teased me. I felt myself start to get wet, so I turned the water off, and got out, wrapping a towel around myself. I walked back into the room, and Greyson was sitting on the bed, typing away on his phone. "Shit! You scared me!" He looked up, and put his phone down. "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were in the shower. I thought you reconsidered becoming my submissive." I ran my fingers through my hair. "No. I'm still here." He pulled me closer, kissing me softly. "Get dressed before I take you right here, right now." He pulled away from me, and left the room. I sighed, and threw on the clothes Mikhail got for me. For a man, Mikhail sure has good taste. I walked out of the room, and back to the living area where Greyson was waiting. "Come, Mikhail's waiting on us." He took my hand in his, and lead me down to the elevators.

"So, what's on the agenda today?" He pressed the down button, and turned to look at me. "We're going to your house to pack your things so you can come to New York with me and officially be my submissive." I nodded. "Great." The elevator opened and we stepped in. "What all do I have to do?" He stood in front of me and looked down on me. "Ms. Spencer, did you not read our contract?" He put a stray piece of hair behind me ear. "A-Alaina, please call me Alaina." He smiled a little. "Well Alaina, did you not read our contract?" I licked my lips. "I-I did..I just want to understand what all of this means. "This means you will willingly surrender yourself to me." I bit my lip, and looked down. He lifted my chin, and pulled my lip from under my teeth. "Don't bite your lip." He cupped my cheek, and brought my face closer. "You'll enjoy it I promise." He placed his lips against mine. Before we could get lost in the kiss, the elevator doors opened, signaling that we were now in the lobby.

"Shall we be going?" I sighed and nodded. He took my hand in his, and led me out to the car. "Good morning Mr. Kennmore, Ms. Spencer."

"Good morning Mikhail , and thank you for the clothes." He smiled. "It was my pleasure Ms. Spencer." He opened the door, and I slid in first, Greyson following after. "Do you know where I live?" Greyson smirked at me. "I know a lot of things you probably think I don't know." I put my seat belt on and raised an eyebrow at him. "Such as?" He faced forward, and smirked to himself. "We will get your things, and head on to New York, there will you see the house, the city, and start your new line of work." He winked at me. I ran my fingers through my hair, and looked out the window.

I felt Greyson's hand touch mine. I looked over at him. "Everything will be fine." I squeezed his hand, and looked back out the window. "Turn here." He made a left turn, and went up the hill. "Oh it's right here." We pulled up in front of my apartment, and parked. I looked up at my home, and sighed. This will be the last time I set foot in this place. "Come on." I got out of the car, and walked up to the door. I pulled out my keys, and unlocked the door.

"Dani?" She didn't respond, so I'm assuming she's at work. I walked in, and straight to my room. I felt a presence behind me. "Is this your room?" I looked back and nodded. I laid on my bed, and took in its comfortable feeling one last time. I felt Greyson's hands trailing up my leg. He climbed on top of me, straddling me. "Sir?" He trailed kisses up and down my neck. I bit back a moan. He placed my hands above my head, trapping them there. He started nipping at my neck. "Shit...." He pulled back and looked me in the eye.

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