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Greyson kept looking at me, lovingly. Stop it Alaina, you're reading into things. I can't help the way my heart beats for him, even though he only thinks of me as a submissive.

The song started coming to an end as Greyson spun me around, and dipped me. He looked into my eyes and lowered his head. His lips pressed against mine softly. He lifted me back up, and continued to kiss me. "Alaina," he pulled away, and looked me in the eye. "I've come to realize, that I......" he sighed and pulled away. He got down on one knee. My eyes widened. He pulled a box out of his pocket.

"Alaina, throughout these past 3 months you've been with me, all I thought before was she was just a submissive, but, I no longer think like that. I've come to realize that this whole time from saving you from that wreck, to finding you and making you mine, I've loved you all along and you leaving me only made it stronger and made me realize that you weren't just a submissive to me," he opened the box and inside was a diamond studded ring in the shape of a pretzel. I covered my mouth.

"It's not quite a wedding ring, but it will be

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"It's not quite a wedding ring, but it will be. As far as what this ring means, this is a promise ring. I promise to remain faithful to you and only you. I promise to always return to you. I promise to love you no matter what. I promise to keep ANY promises I make to you. I promise to marry you one day. That is my main promise to you. I want to marry you Alaina Reece Spencer. I WILL marry you."

Tears started falling from my eyes. "Will you accept this ring?" I bit my lip, and nodded. "Yes..." he let out a breath of relief and stood up, placing the ring on my finger. I grabbed Greyson's face, and kissed him hard.

"Mr. Kennmore, your food has arrived." Greyson held me at arms length. "Can we get that to go, I'm afraid we have other matters to tend to." The waiter nodded, and left us alone again.

"I have something to show you." Could this night get any better than it already is?" The waiter had our wrapped up food waiting. Greyson picked it up and held out his arm to me. "Where are you taking me?" He smokes down on me. "You're just gonna have to be patient Ms. Spencer." He walked us out to the car, and handed the driver the food.

He helped me get in the car, and got in after me. He pressed a button above him, and the partition started rolling up. He pulled me closer, and pressed his lips against mine. I groaned, and got more into the kiss. He pulled me over his lap as my dress bunched up around my waist.

"I'm sure the driver can hear us right now Greyson." He peppered kisses down my neck. "I don't care. You're mine Alaina."

I whimpered at the feel of his tongue tenderly trailing all over my neck. "As a matter of fact, how about we skip where we were going to go and go back to the hotel?" I couldn't wait any longer, I had to have him right now. "Alaina, wha—-." I cut him off by pressing my lips against his and grinding my lower half into his. "Fuck.. you are going to be the death of me Alaina Spencer..." He gripped my hair, and crashed his lips against mine. He lowered the partition to an eye level. "On second thought, take us back to the hotel. My lady wants to go another time."

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