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Days passed and I have rarely seen Greyson. He's barely come out of his office unless it was to sleep and he's barely even done that. He would come in, shower, change into different clothes just to go back into the office. Times where he thinks I'm sleeping, I'm not. I'm up listening to him, debating whether to join him or not. I sighed, and sat with Maria and her friend the wedding planner. "Alaina, did you hear that sweetie?" Maria touched my shoulder. I snapped out of it, and started focusing on dresses. I wanted to get married before I started showing and I wanted to be able to still fit in my dress. You could hear talking from the foyer. My heart started beating faster. He was here. He was close. Dmitry sat in the living room watching t.v. Greyson walked over to him and kissed his head before walking out of the house with his men. I looked down, and tried to focus on planning. "He's just stressed out Alaina. You can tell. He hasn't even been to work in weeks."

I ran my fingers through my hair and stood up. "You know what, I'm actually quite tired. We can finish this later." I closed the computer, and grabbed my phone. "Sweetie, you haven't eaten all day. You have to take care of yourself for the baby." I sighed and took a banana. She frowned. "I'll eat later. I just want to sleep right now." She nodded and kissed my forehead. "Sleep mi niña. I'll have food sent up to you later." I nodded and pulled away, walking in the living room to give Dmitry a kiss. He was so focused on the t.v. , I didn't want to bother him.

I walked up the stairs and to our bedroom. I threw my hair in a bun and shrugged my clothes off. I went to the drawer and grabbed one of Greyson's shirts and slid it on. Since I didn't have him to sleep with, the next best would be to wear his shirt so I can at least get some sleep. I laid in the bed and closed my eyes. I miss the feel of Greyson next to me. His warmth.. A tear fell out of my eye as I thought about my green eyed devil.


I was woken up by at someone caressing my cheek. I opened my eyes slowly, and Greyson was sitting on the bed, smiling down on me. "I heard you haven't eaten all day." I wanted to be angry with him. I have barely seen him for the past 4 days and now here he is. I sat up and ran my fingers through my hair. "What time is it?" He held my hand and rubbed his thumb over my knuckles. "10 o clock. You've been asleep for a while." I sighed and pushed the covers away from my body. "Alaina.." I stood up, and walked in the bathroom. "Alaina.. I'm sorry I've been distant...." I turned and faced him.

"You haven't been here in 4 days Greyson! You've come in the room just to shower and go right back out! You haven't touched me in 4 days, you haven't slept with me in 4 days! Dammit Greyson you haven't been the person I'm marrying in 4 fucking days!! I'm planning our wedding and you aren't there!" Tears streamed down my face. He cupped my cheeks.

"Alaina.. I'm so sorry. I'm so fucking sorry. I've been busy trying to hunt Alesiana down that I've been neglecting you..." He wiped a tear away from my face. "I'm so sorry Alaina.. I know sorry isn't enough, but I am trying here. I'm quite new to this stuff. I've never had anything to put before the gang and now that I do I'm doing a bad job at it. Please forgive me cara mia." I moved his hands away from my face and walked back in the room. I laid in the bed and faced away from him. I felt the bed dip, and arms around my waist. "What're you doing Greyson.."

"Spending some much needed time with my wife." I angrily wiped my tears away. "I'm not your wife yet.." he chuckled softly. "I love it when you're stubborn. Not yet, but once we both talk to the wedding planners tomorrow, we will have a date set, everything will be in place and we will be married."

"What's to say you won't leave me at the altar?" I squealed as he rolled over and laid on top of me. "There's no way in hell I'd leave you at the altar without me being there with you!" I rolled my eyes. "You've forgotten about me for 4 days who's to say you won't leave me up there."

He groaned and stood up. He picked me up and carried me out of the room. "Greyson put me down!" He walked down the stairs and into the living room where everyone stood around.

"Attention everyone, I need you all to hear what I'm about to say." Everyone raised an eyebrow. "Tomorrow I am not to be bothered, tomorrow I am to be spending time with my wife. We are not to be disturbed, we have a wedding to plan for and more babies to make." I slapped his chest.

He looked down at me. "Now do you forgive me? I really am sorry Alaina." I rolled my eyes and shimmied out of his arms. "As for you Mr. Kennmore, you are sleeping on the couch,"

I walked closer to him, forgetting there were people in the room. "As for making up those 4 days, you can start by," I stood on my tippy toes and whispered in his ear. "Quiero que empieces desde mi cuello y sigas hasta mi--------." He covered my mouth with his hand.

"Alaina, we are not alone right now." His eyes were dark with lust. I turned and looked at everyone. "If you'll excuse us," I pulled Greyson by the collar of his shirt and back up to our room. I closed the door and pressed him against the wall. I crashed my lips against his, and started ripping his shirt off popping the buttons off. He groaned, and switched our positions.

He picked me up, and ripped his shirt off of my body. He nibbled from my neck down to my chest. I bit my lip, and pressed his head further into my body. His hand trailed down to my now dripping wet cunt. "Now where do you want me to start," he rubbed in a circular motion. I tightened my grip on his shoulders.

"Oh my god right there Greyson!" He captured my lips and walked me over to the bed and laid me down. "Let me show you just how much I've missed you these past few days." He kissed down my stomach and down to my spot. I gripped his head as he went to work on me. "Oh my God yes Greyson! Yes yes yes yes YES!" I'm sure everyone could hear me, but I don't care! This is worth it!

I pulled him up and crashed my lips against his. "You're wearing far too much clothing Mr. Kennmore," I switched our position and felt his erection straining through his pants. I ground my pussy into his groin, and watched his face contort from pain to pleasure. "Alaina, I swear if I don't get out of these pants I'm gonna burst!" He laid me on my back, and took his pants off. He laid on top of me, and pulled the covers over our heads.


"Damn girl, you've got one high libido, I didn't know you had that in you."  Greyson had laid his head on my chest with me playing in his hair. In case you're wondering, I've worn the big bad mafia leader out. I pressed my lips against his head, and closed my eyes. "Alaina?" I opened one eye, and looked to see him staring at me.

"I really am sorry I've been distant. I just want all of this to be over so I can finally be married to you." I stroked his hair gently. "Everything will be okay Greyson." His eyebrows furrowed. "Promise me something Alaina," by now both eyes were open. "Promise me that no matter what happens, you'll always stay safe. I have money stashed away for you and Dmitry and our little guy in case something were to happen to me, so I need you to make this promise to me Alaina." A stray tear fell down my face.

"I promise."



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