I just laid there and watched the two most important people in my life sleep peacefully. I took Alaina's hand in mine, and kissed her fingertips gently. I couldn't sleep, not when there's someone threatening the life of the person I love the most. The threat has gone on long enough, and once we are back in the safety of our home, I will spending every second of every waking day finding the bastard who killed Alaina's parents and are now coming after her. I will eat sleep and breath protecting her and I won't stop until the fucker is dead!

Alaina stirred in her sleep. She held Dmitry tightly, as if she didn't want to let him go. I smiled at the sight. I took my phone out, and snapped a picture of them. My future wife and our son. Our son. Dmitry is a spitting image of me.

I can't believe Alesiana ran off with him and gave him up for adoption without consent from me. I wouldn't have given him up. She gave him up without a second thought. I stood from the bed, and tucked Alaina further into the covers. I walked out of the room and to the main part of the plane. I sat down and ran a hand down my face.

I took my phone from my pocket and dialed Adam's number. "Did you find him? Is he okay? Is he coming home with you?" I rolled my eyes. "Hello to you too brother. Now, I need you to go through my call history, and see where that unknown call came from. It came yesterday around 2 p.m. And to answer your million questions, yes, yes and yes. We are on our way back home now. We need to find these bastards that are after Alaina, and fast. She ran into someone in the elevator and they automatically knew who she was. Why they didn't snag her then in the elevator I don't know, but I'm glad they didn't. As soon as I'm back we'll get to work on that. I'm ready for this to end and we're not stopping until it does."

"Does she know what they look like. Maybe a description would help us." I sighed. "I didn't ask. I'll ask when we get back. Right now I need to start looking for this bastard."

"Sounds like you need sleep. Sleep and we'll take care of this when you're back." I stifled a yawn. "Can't. I can't sleep until I know she's safe again." Adam sighed, "Well I'll get to work on it as soon as possible." He then hung up the phone. I felt arms come around my shoulders. I looked behind me and saw a very tired Alaina. "Come to bed Greyson." I shook my head, and rubbed her arm. "I can't. Not whilst there's still someone out there after you." She walked around and sat in my lap. "Then I'll be sleeping out here with you." She wrapped her arms around my neck and laid her head on my chest. I stood up and cradled her to my chest. "Fine. You win. But only for an hour then I'm up again." I walked us into the bedroom, and laid her in the bed. She pulled a still sleeping Dmitry to her chest. I pulled her closer and wrapped my arm around her and Dmitry.

"Greyson?" I hummed. "You're overworking yourself. It's okay to relax." But that's the thing. It's not okay. Nothing's okay when the people you love are in danger.

"Okay. Sleep cara mia."

She nodded, and I felt her relax under my touch. Dmitry rolled over and tugged onto Alaina. I smiled at the sight, and closed my eyes.


I opened my eyes slowly, and looked down at Dmitry. He was wide awake looking at me. I laughed a little and sat up. I looked behind me, and Greyson was sound asleep. I smiled and wiggles from his grasp. Dmitry sat up with me, and looked over to Greyson. He moved closer to him and started smacking his face. I gasped and giggled. Greyson's face scrunched up. He opened one eye, and looked directly at Dmitry. "Guess I have to get used to this wake up call huh?" Greyson picked Dmitry up and held him in the air. Dmitry's laugh warmed my heart. I pulled my phone out, and snapped a picture of them.

Greyson held his hand out to me. "Won't you join us, we can't have all the fun." I shook my head and joined them anyway.

A voice came over the loudspeaker. "The plane will be landing in 15 minutes, please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts."

Greyson stood up, and pulled me with him. "You ready to see your new home buddy?" Dmitry had his fingers in his mouth babbling incoherently. Greyson chuckled and led us back to the front of the plane.

We sat down and waited for the plane to land. I can't wait to get home. I need a hot bath and the comfort of my own bed.


About 10 minutes later we finally landed. I stood and stretched, and helped Greyson take our things off the plane and to the car. Greyson's phone rang. He handed me Dmitry, and answered it. The look on Greyson's face was enough to scar the mess out of anyone. "I'm on my way." He hung up and got in the car immediately. I strapped Dmitry in his seatbelt and got in back with him. "Greyson, what's going on?" He sped off, causing me to fall back into the seat.

"Someone broke in the house and attacked Maurecia. She's with Adam now." I covered my mouth. I couldn't tell you how many red lights Greyson had nearly run, but Dmitry was having the time of his life. He continued giggling as Greyson sped way over the speed limit.

Yep, he's definitely Greyson's kid. We finally pulled up to the house, and Greyson hopped out of the car quickly.

I grabbed Dmitry, and ran in the house. Maurecia sat there, shaking crying.

"Maurecia, what happened?" She looked up at Greyson, and told the story. "They came here looking for Alaina.. they said they'll keep coming back until she's writhing under their grasp."

I could feel my throat closing up. "This is all my fault..." I almost fell, but Adam caught me. "This is not your fault Alaina." Maurecia came up to me and cupped my cheeks. Tears fell freely. Dmitry looked at me and touched my cheeks. "Who's this little guy?"

She looked at him closely and then her eyes widened. "It can't be.....Greyson?" Greyson walked over to us. "He's home where he belongs now."

Maurecia broke down crying and took Dmitry in her arms. "Now to ensure that we're all safe, we'll ALL be moving to the safe house. I can't let anything like this happen again. Alaina, pack your things, Maurecia you do the same. We aren't staying here a minute longer." I'm sure my things from when I first moved here are still in Greyson's room. I went up the stairs, and to my old room. I grabbed my suitcase, but immediately dropped it when I saw what was on the wall.


I let out an ear piercing scream. Greyson came running up the stairs. He saw the wall and clenched his jaw. He picked up my suitcase, and packed everything into it.

"The rest of your things we can get later. We need to get you out of here now." He pulled me along with him and down the stairs. Maurecia has her bags and Dmitry in hand. Adam was on the phone talking angrily. "Let's go." We all left the house, and headed towards the safe house. I was silently crying in the front seat, thinking about the recent events that happened.

"Alaina...." I looked over at Greyson. "Please don't cry. It pains me to see you cry." He took my hand in his. "I promised you I would protect you and I'm keeping that promise. I will lay down my life for you if that means you'll be safe."

My heart swelled. I've never had anyone who wasn't my parents care for me the way Greyson does.

Dmitry had fallen asleep in the backseat.

"I'm scared for him more than I'm scared for myself. He's just a baby." Greyson squeezed my hand. "You both will be safe, even if I die trying to keep you safe." And that is where he ended the conversation. I just wonder, what the hell do these people want with me specifically?



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