I woke up super drowsy. Ugh, what the hell happened last night? I sat up and ran my fingers through my hair. I heard light groaning next to me. I looked down, and saw Greyson. Why is he in my room? Wait, I forgot I moved into his room. I had a dream about him and came in his room to make the dream come true. But before he was the one that sent mixed signals. I hit his arm. "Shit Alaina!  What was that for!?" He woke up quickly. Glad he knew it was me lying next to him. He propped up on one arm. "What the hell was that last night!?" He smirked. "The best sex of your life. Lasted about an hour or so." I scoffed, and got up. "So, you fucked me just so I could move into your room so you can continue to have your way with me!?" He got out of the bed, wearing nothing. "I'm your Dom, you're my Sub. I can do whatever I want to you!" I shook my head.

"Whatever." I walked in the bathroom, and locked the door. Ugh, why am I tripping over a man who only thinks of me as his fucking submissive!? "Alaina?" He knocked lightly on the door. "Please, just leave me alone." I decided that I would take a long relaxing bath. I turned the water on, and just looked at myself in the mirror. You are only his Sub. Nothing more. You are only his Sub. Nothing more. I kept chanting those words in my head. I turned the water off, and slid in the tub. What changed after last night? We had MARVELOUS sex, and then when we wake up, he's back to his old Dominant arrogant self?! From now on, I'm just gonna do as he says, and try not to upset him at all.

If all he wants is a Sub, then that's what he'll get. I cleaned myself up, and got out. I wrapped a towel securely around my body, and walked out. Master Greyson was nowhere in sight. Good, I didn't want to face him right now. I dressed in some comfortable clothes, and went downstairs. "No dude, I didn't make that bet with you. You announced it yourself." I heard the chuckle of Ad---- I mean the other Mr. Kennmore in the sitting room. "Good morning Ms. Spencer, would you like some breakfast?" I turned and saw Maurecia behind me. "Morning Maurecia, sure. Breakfast sounds great." I followed behind her, and sat at the table. She placed a plate of eggs, bacon, sausage and toast in front of me.

"Yummy, this looks delicious. Thank you Maurecia." She nodded, and left the kitchen. "Good morning Ms. Spencer." I looked up, and saw Mr. Kennmore. "Good morning Mr. Kennmore." He sat next to me.

"Just call me Adam sweetheart."

"I don't think just calling you by your first name is very appropriate, sir." He nodded. "Very well then," he stood up. "Greyson is awaiting your presence in the den." I nodded. "Thank you for telling me sir. I will go now." I scoot away from the table, and went straight for the den. I wonder what he wants now.



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