Once back at the hotel, I sat in Greyson's room while he showered. I sighed, and laid on the bed, closing my eyes. I didn't want to be found like this. Of course Greyson would've found out eventually, but I wanted to be long gone when he found out. The shower water cut off, and I could hear the door opening. I kept my eyes shut, in hopes of him thinking I'm asleep. "I know you're not sleeping Alaina." I kept my eyes closed, in hopes of him now leaving me alone. I felt the bed dip, and his body covering mine. My eyes opened quickly, and Greyson hovered over me. "See, couldn't resist not looking at me." I rolled my eyes, and pushed him away. He chuckled, and got off. I sat up, and ran my fingers through my hair.

"Now, about you leaving. Stupid decision Ms. Spencer, but we'll get to that a little later, right now, you need to know that your little stunt is getting you tracked down. They know you're alive and they're coming after you Alaina." My eyes widened. "Wh-what? Who's coming after me?" He ran his fingers through his hair. "The people that killed your parents. They saw the APB, and now they are after you." My heart started beating erratically. "Wh-what are you going to do? Give me over to them?" He stalked closer to me. He bent down at eye level and looked me in the eye. "Are you fucking kidding me? Why the hell would I do that?" I sighed in relief, and ran my fingers through my hair. "What do they want with me...." He stood up, and walked over to a bag and pulled out an envelope. He came back over and handed it to me.

I took it shakily, and opened it. It was pictures of me when I was working, catching the bus home, walking to the store, and even pictures with Dani. Oh my God Dani! I stood up abruptly. "Greyson we have to find Dani! She could be in danger because of me!" He snorted and took the pictures from me. "I'm not worrying about any one else's well being that's not yours or my families. Anyone else, I could give less of a shit about."

"Plus, it seems your 'friend' has already fled." I raised an eyebrow at him. "Fled? Where?" He just shrugged his shoulders, and dropped his towel. I tried to look everywhere but at him. "You shouldn't be ashamed Alaina, you've seen this more times than I can count." He sauntered over to me and leaned down on me. "However, this could still be yours, but, you've broken your contract." He stood up straight, and backed away to his bag to grab clothes. I let out a sigh and stood up. "And just where do you think you're going?" I turned around to look at him. "Back to my room where my things are. The event doesn't start for another 8hrs and right now I can't be in the same room as you." I tried walking out, but Greyson beat me to the punch and pressed my front against the door. "You will not leave me again Alaina." I turned around and his eyes were filled with anger, hurt and something else I can't put my finger on it. "I-I'm not leaving Greyson.. I want to go back to my room." He raised his hand, and caressed my cheek. I closed my eyes as I felt him trail a finger down my lips, to the base of my neck, pressing his hand over my heart which was beating erratically now.

"I do this to you.." He kissed my forehead, and started pepperimg kisses, leaving my lips for last. "Greyson...." I wrapped my arms around him, and pressed myself into him more. He groaned, and pulled away. "Fuck we shouldn't be doing this." We were both breathing hard. "I'll... I'll see you later. I'll have a hairdresser and your dress over by 7:30." He pulled away fully, and walked in the bathroom slamming the door. I slipped out of the room, and quickly went down to my room. I opened the door and rushed inside. I slid down to the floor, and ran my fingers through my hair. I can't understand Greyson at times. I can't understand myself at times! Why does he really have this damn effect on me!? I looked at the time. It is nowhere near time to go. Guess I could just sleep all of this off for a while. I got up and crawled in the bed. I threw my hair in a messy bun and took my jacket off. I closed my eyes with a certain grey eyed devil on my mind.


I woke up to the sound of banging on my door. I groaned and rolled over, looking at the time. "Go away!" I put the pillow over my face, and tried going back to sleep. The banging got louder. I groaned loudly and threw the covers off of me. I went over to the door and snatched it open. Greyson stood there with his arms folded. "What do you want, I was sleeping." He walked in without me inviting him in. I rolled my eyes, and closed the door. "Do you know what time it is?"

"Do you know what time it is? I was sleeping." He rolled his eyes, and grabbed my arm. "What the hell Greyson!?" He pulled me out of my room, and down to his room. He opened the door, and there stood a tall woman with pinned up fiery red hair. "Carmen, Alaina, Alaina, Carmen." She looked me up and down.

" Ay niña, come let's get to work on you." She took my by the hand and led me to the bathroom. "First you shower and then we work on hair!" She pushed me towards the shower. Oh shit, a female Greyson.


It's been almost an hour, why isn't she out here. I ran my fingers angrily through my hair. "Dude, chill out, she'll be out in a minute." Adam sat in a chair, sipping wine. "Already drinking dear brother? That's not like you." I smirked over at him. "Vaffanculo stronzo." I chuckled and looked at the time. It's 8:15 and Alaina still isn't ready. I'm an impatient man, and when I get very impatient, I get very angry. I almost stormed over to the door and knocked it off its hinges, but the sight in front of me caused me to stop in my tracks. Alaina stood there in the teal dress she picked out, a pair of silver strap stilettos, and her hair pinned up in curls.

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I couldn't stop staring

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I couldn't stop staring. She looked beautiful. "Close your mouth Greyson, you're drooling." She smirked at me, and walked over to me. God dammit stay down erection. I cleared my throat. "Sh-should we get down there?" She nodded, and took my waiting arm. I signaled for Adam to follow us. I couldn't stop looking at her in this dress. How bad I want to take it off of her and have her begging me to take her over and ov---------GREYSON! Not helping your situation here!

We stepped out of the room, and headed for the elevator. The doors opened, and we stepped inside. She stood next to me with her eyes closed, breathing in and out. "You look beautiful mia cara." I took her hand in mine and kissed it. She blushed furiously and looked down. "Now, when we get down here, you are to not answer any of the paparazzi's questions. Stay by my side, and don't let go of my hand. Okay?" She nodded slowly, and the elevator stops. The doors open revealing paparazzi on the red carpet leading to the hall.

Show time.



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