Madison Beer as Alesiana

I just laid in my bed, staring at the ceiling. Greyson is very confusing at times. At first, he's sweet, and then he's back to his arrogant self. I groaned, and got up. I walked in the bathroom, and turned the shower on yet again. This man leaves me hot and bothered so much I just don't understand it. I stripped out of my robe and stepped in the cool water. I stood there against the wall, letting the water consume me.

I closed my eyes, and just sat there, with Greyson on my mind.

I felt arms around my waist. My eyes shot open fast and in front of me was a dark haired woman with doe like eyes. Before I could scream, she covered my mouth with her lips.

I pushed her away from me, and she looked at me with lust filled eyes. I covered my body up as best as I could. She pulled my hands away from my body and looked me up and down. "Grey was right, you are hot."

"Didn't I tell you to stay where you were until I got back?" Greyson stood in the doorway with his hands in his pocket, lust evident in his eyes. "I couldn't resist Grey, she's too yummy." I cleared my throat, and tried keeping her at arms length. I looked back at Greyson, who had his eyes on me. An idea popped into my head, as I brought the girl closer to me. I leaned down, and pressed my lips against her neck. She groaned, and pressed her body into me. I heard Greyson groan, and I looked over to him. He was rubbing himself through his pants. "How about we get out of here and go back to the bed?" She nodded eagerly, and jumped out of the shower. She walked out of the bathroom, and into my room. Greyson's eyes stayed on me as I got out of the shower, and walked towards him. I stood on my tippy toes, and pressed my lips against his. He placed his hand on my hip, and walked me back to the room. He laid me in the bed, and sat up. "This is for your pleasure." He trailed kisses down my body, and soon after had my leg above his shoulder pleasuring me. The girl, she started playing with herself, watching Greyson pleasure me. I groaned and pushed Greyson's head further into me. The girl climbed over to me, and pressed her lips against mine. Greyson pulled his lips away, and slipped his fingers in. "Keep kissing her cara mia, just like that."

"Alesiana, venite e hanno un sapro." Alesiana then crawled down to my lower half, like a hungry wolf, and started to devour me. Greyson stood from the bed, and started stripping out of his clothes. "That feel good? Tell her how much you love it." I groaned, and pressed her face deeper into my wetness. "Fuck Greyson she tastes so fucking delicious. I can't get enough of her." Alesiana then starts to finger me while Greyson stood back and watched.

I sat up, and pulled her lips up to mine. Greyson walked over to me, and pressed his lips against mine. "Fuck you taste delicious." He picked me up, and wrapped my legs around his waist. "I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you."

He placed me on the bed, and plunged deep in me. "Alesiana, sit on her face." Greyson continued to plunge in me as Alesiana sat down carefully on my face. I've never done this before so let's hope I'm doing this right. My tongue darted out and instantly flicked her bud. "Oh my god yes!" I groaned as Greyson continued to pump. He leaned down and took one of my nipples in his mouth. "Make her cum Alaina." I continued to plunge my tongue in her, adding a finger. "Oh my god I'm gonna cum . Fuck Alaina!" She moved my hands, and rode my face. She let out a squeaky moan, and came all over my mouth. "Lick it off." She climbed off of me, and kissed me. Greyson flipped me over, and plunged into me again. "Fuck Greyson! Yes!" Alesiana crawled up to Greyson, and pressed her lips against his neck. This made me angry, even tho it shouldn't. I felt a slap on my ass which brought me out of my thoughts. "Cum for me Alaina." I pulled away from him and before he could protest, I wrapped my lips around his rock hard cock. He groaned, and grabbed my hair in his hand. "I wanna taste him." Alesiana purred next to me. I sat up to look at her, but she took that as me letting her have a taste. By now I was fuming. Greyson grabbed me by my face, and pressed his lips against mine roughly. I still didn't cum yet, and no matter how much Greyson gets me in the mood, I am no longer in the mood for this. I pull away from him, and go in the bathroom, slamming and locking the door. "Alaina!" Greyson banged on the bathroom door. I held my head in my hands and tried to ignore him. "ALAINA REECE SPENCER!" I grabbed my hair in frustration, and went to open the door. He slammed the door open, and stormed in. "What the hell was that about!?" I didn't answer him. "Did you hear what I just said!?" I still didn't answer him. He pressed me up against the wall with his hand wrapped around my throat. "I said did you fucking hear me..." I just looked at him. "¿Por qué no vas a ver a tu preciosa Alesiana."  I tried shoving him off of me but he held me there. "Alesiana? What does any of this have to do with her!?" I tried fighting him off but he was too strong. "Dejame ir hijo su puta madre!

"Stop fucking fighting and listen to me!" By now I was breathing hard. "Alesiana means nothing to me! She was here for you! Not for me! I get off on YOUR pleasure! Not hers! I DO NOT WANT HER I WANT YOU!" He was breathing equally as hard as I was. "All I've fucking wanted was you since the first time I saw you and I knew I had to have you!"

"You saw me at a strip club, you could've chosen any other damn stripper in the club!" I couldn't control my thinking with him naked in front of me.

"That's not where I first saw you."


"¿Por qué no vas a ver a tu preciosa Alesiana?- Why do you not go back to your precious Alesiana?

Dejame ir hijo su puta madre!- Let go of me you son of a bitch!



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