I woke up freezing cold. Fuck why is it so cold? I heard water sloshing, and realized Alaina and I fell asleep in the bath. Shit. Alaina was still sound asleep. I lifted her and picked her up, carrying her out of the tub, and to her room. I laid her in the bed, and laid next to her. I looked at the clock beside her bed. 1:30 AM. Damn. How long were we in there? She snuggled into my chest, and fell back to sleep.

She's so cute when she's sleeping. I tried to fall back to sleep, but all I could think about was Alaina's safety. Alaina moaned in her sleep, squirming. I looked down on her. She had a frown on her face. I kissed her forehead and pulled her closer. I laid my head on top of hers and closed my eyes, falling asleep.


I laid on the couch thinking about the look on Alaina's face. She's fucking scared of me now! Why'd I kill them in front of her? I could've fought them off. Fuck. It was better them than her. Grey cares a lot about her, and he'd be devastated if something were to happen to her. I sighed, and got up. He wouldn't mind if I stayed here tonight. Alaina needs both of us now more than ever.


I yawned and stretched, looking around the room. I felt something weighing me down. I looked to see Greyson's tattooed arm around my naked stomach. NAKED!? I looked under the covers to see if he was naked too and indeed he was. Oh no. Please tell me we didn't have sex!? Greyson stirred in his sleep, and pulled me closer. "Greyson get up." He mumbled something and fell asleep again. "Greyson." I tapped his chest. He groaned, and opened one eye. "You sure know how to keep a guy up when he wants to sleep." I sat up completely and looked down on him. "D-did we.." He sat up as well. "No, we didn't. We took a bath and we both fell asleep. How are you feeling?" I looked down at my hands. I'm still shaken up about what happened. Adam killed people. In front of me.

"I-I'm f-fine...." He lifted my chin and looked at me. "Don't lie to me Alaina... I know you're not fine.." I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. "I'm just scared. What if you get so mad at me and you kill me like......"

Like those people killed my parents and Adam killed those people. "Alaina, I would never get that fucking mad at you to where I kill you," I looked down. "Look at me," he lifted my chin back up. "I'm scared to lose you, why would I kill you? You mean a hell of a lot more to me than anything Alaina." He words shocked me. I never thought I'd hear the day Greyson Kennmore would say someone means something to him.

"You have nothing to be afraid of. You are well protected with me." He stood up, and stretched. "Would you like to accompany me in the shower?" I felt a blush rise. He chuckled, and pressed his lips against mine. I missed kissing him. I pulled him closer, and wrapped my arms around him. He groaned and crawled back in the bed. "Mm, someone's eager." He picked me up. "I'm guessing that's a yes to joining me." He walked me in the bathroom with me giggling. I guess we're getting closer with this we have.

1hr later

I stood in the mirror looking at myself. Greyson appeared behind me, and kissed my neck. If you're wondering, no we didn't have sex. Just showered. This time around, we are playing by my rules. "Get dressed, I'm taking you to meet some people." I raised an eyebrow and before I could protest, he pressed his lips against mine causing me to melt under his touch. He pulled away and tucked my hair behind my ear. "I'll see you in a few minutes." He walked out, closing the door behind him. I sigh in content, and let my towel fall. I saw my things from the hotel sitting on the bed. Maurecia must've brought them in here. I picked out something random and threw it on. I grabbed my shoes and my phone from the table. I walked out of the room and down the stairs. "Alaina.." I turned and saw a very tired and worn out Adam. "I am so sorry.. I should've thought before pulling the trigger. I'm sorry for frightening you, scarring you." He looked down. I walked closer to him and lifted his chin. "It's okay Adam.. Greyson explained it to me. I'm okay. See? I'm not hurt at all. I'm still alive. I'm okay." I hugged his 6'3 frame. He hugged me back and let go. "Greyson's waiting for you in the living room." I nodded, and went toward him. Greyson stood there with his arms crossed. "Took you long enough." I rolled my eyes, and playfully slapped his chest.

"Adam, meet us at the house." He led me out of the house, and to the car. Greyson unlocked the doors, and got in. "So, what are the plans for today?" He kissed the back of my hand. "We are gonna meet the rest of the mafia, get more protection for you. I looked at him nervously. "Wh-what if they don't like me?" He looked at me. "They have no choice but to respect you and protect you. I'm their boss and you're their bosses lady." I blushed furiously. I know he doesn't mean his actual lady, but still it made me feel bubbly inside.

He continued driving, but his hand never left mine. Greyson is being oddly sweet. It's scaring me but it's also making me feel good. My eyes started to get heavy. "Sleep mia cara, I will wake you when we are there." I nodded and let my head fall to the side.


"Alaina?" I groaned and rolled over with my eyes still shut.

I heard a deep chuckle and opened my eyes. Greyson sat there smiling. "We're here cara mia." I looked around and saw a huge mansion. My eyes popped out of my head. "Oh. My. Goodness." He just smiled and got out. I followed behind him, and walked closely to him. "Greyson, how many people live here!? This place is huge!" He grabbed my hand, and led me to the door which had a huge key pad on it. He punched in a code, and opened the door. A huge group of men and some women stood around the door. Okay, if I wasn't overwhelmed before, I surely am now. Everyone bowed their head. "Everyone listen up! This here is Alaina Spencer, you will do everything in your power to keep her safe and well protected. We all know the consequences if someone was to get hurt here. Also, no one is to go near her. If I see or hear that anyone if you has touched her in any way, you know what happens in the end. Am I understood?"

Everyone lifted their heads. "YES SIR!" He nodded his head and led me through. I could feel someone's eyes on me. I turned around and saw a guy starting at me lustfully. I gulped and turned my head back towards Greyson. He walked us in the kitchen where I saw a few maids and Greyson's mother. "Alaina dear, I was wondering when I would see you again." She hugged me tight, being careful not to get any food on me. "Where's father?" She pulled away and looked at Greyson. "He's up in his office waiting on you." He nodded and turned me to face him. "I'll be back cara mia. You'll be safe here," he kissed my forehead. "Mi mancherà, amore mio." He pulled away and left the kitchen. The women behind me gushed. I turned to his mother. "Can you translate, please?" She just smiled. "I knew you weren't his secretary," my heart started beating faster. She knew what I really was to him!? "You two are much more closer than that. Do I hear wedding bells soon?" I choked on air. I coughed out of control, and was soon given a glass of water. "M-Mrs. Kennmore-----------."

"Please, call me Maria." I nodded. "Maria, Greyson and I are just--------------."

"Are just nothing ." I turned and saw a dark haired woman behind me fuming. "Stella darling, please clam down. We all knew Greyson would find someone worth having around that wasn't you." I tried to contain my laughter. "I don't see anything funny bitch. Greyson is MINE! Stay away from him." I crossed my arms over my chest. She's a gorgeous woman, but what makes her ugly is her attitude and sluttiness.

She glared at me. I heard a few chuckles from behind me. Adam, Greyson and their father stood there chuckling. "Tu, cagna! Sei fortunato, fortunato! Guardi la tua schiena."

"That's enough Stella!" Greyson came by my side, and pulled me closer to me. She continued glaring at me. "Watch your back Alina." It took everything in me not to go and snatch her head back. I stepped forward but Greyson pulled me back. "Yes Greyson control your bitch." She smirked at me. "Let's go Alaina." Greyson whispered in my ear. He pulled me behind him, past the wicked witch. I stopped in front of her, and slapped her, hard. She screamed, and Greyson picked me up. "Greyson let me go!" Everyone stood around watching. He threw me over his shoulder, and walked me up the stairs. "Greyson! Let me go! I have to kill her!" He set me down in a room and locked the door. I glared at him. "Everything was going fine just this morning. What happened?"

I stood there fuming. This is not like me. Why did I get so defensive. Fück. I was jealous.

Mi mancherà, amore mio- I will miss you my love
Tu, cagna! Sei fortunato, fortunato! Guardi la tua schiena- You bitch! You're lucky, lucky. Watch your back



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