I sat locked up in a guest room Greyson had just silently crying to myself. How could I not have known that something was going on between them? How could I not have seen past his lies and cold heartedness. How could I have started falling for a monster? Yes, I'm admitting that I fell for Greyson. How could I have been so stupid! I need to leave. NOW! Before he finds me. I can't stay here with this feeling I have for him. I got up and got dressed. It's almost nightfall and an hour before Maurecia normally calls me down for dinner. I picked up my phone and checked my bank account. My eyes widened at the amount of money that I had. That's more than enough money to move AND buy myself a house. I shook my head and left the phone sitting on the bed, because I'm pretty sure Greyson had a chip put in it to know where I am at all times. I sighed, and grabbed the bed sheets I had tied together and hung it out the window. The jump wasn't that far down, and I wasn't afraid of small heights given that I am.... well was a stripper and we do crazy things on poles. I hung the sheets on the bed railing, and started climbing down.

Once my feet hit the ground, I was finally free. Of course he lived in a gated community. I rolled my eyes, and saw an opening that led to the woods. Fuck.. It's almost dark. I better make it fast before 1, I'm caught and 2, I'm really lost and in the darkness. I ran full speed into the woods, hoping to find a way out.

I haven't heard anything from Alaina. God I wish she didn't find out the way she did. Way to go Grey, you've fucked up yet again.

"Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, father's in town and he wants to meet Alaina. I invited him over so he could meet her. I rolled my eyes. Sometimes I wonder who's house this is, mine or his. "Maurecia, could you tell Alaina we'll be having a guest for dinner?" She nodded, and went up the stairs. "Dude, get your head out of your ass and just talk to her." I rolled my eyes, and tool another sip of water. "I'll do that when it becomes a concern of mine." The truth is, it is a concern of mine.

"Sir!" Maurecia came running in the kitchen. "She's not in her room and I've checked all the other rooms. She's not here." I looked over at Adam and stood abruptly. I ran up to her room, and looked around frantically. I checked every other room in the house and noticed something when I looked in the last room. Her phone. I picked it up to see if she had any missed calls from anyone to help her leave. She had a pass code. Fuck. I pulled my phone out, and dialed a number.


"I need you to put an APB out for Alaina Spencer."


Luckily I got money out of the machine because if Greyson really is who he says he is, he'll be checking my account to see where I am. I went to the hair store, and bought hair dye, essentials and clothes since all of the clothes I owned are at Greyson's house. I walked out of the store and to the nearest hotel.

I walked in the building, and up to the receptionist desk. The guy looked me up and down and smirked. "How may I help you gorgeous?" I rolled my eyes. "I need a penthouse suite please." He bit his lip, and leaned over the counter. "And what can you do for me princess?" Before I could comment back, someone came from the back. "Troy, what are you doing?" He stood up straight, and looked scared. "N-nothing." The man looked intimidating. "What can I do for you ma'am?"

I smiled sweetly. "I need a penthouse suite for about 2 weeks." His eyes widened. "You know that's really expensive right?" I pulled out a wad of cash, and gave it to him. "This should cover it." He gulped and took the money. "And no one is to know that I am here." He nodded, and swiped a card. "May I have a name please?" I froze. Shit. "M-my name is Reece Harry." What? It was the best I could come up with. "Here you are Ms.Harry. Enjoy your stay." I smiled, and took the card. "Thank you so much." I walked to the nearest elevator, and pressed the button. Two voices stopped my heart. "Dude, she's not here. Do you really think she would be?" Luckily I had my hood up. "I don't fucking know but we aren't leaving until she's back home with me." The elevator dinged and I got in. I pressed the highest number, impatiently waited for the doors to close.

When the doors finally closed, I sighed in relief. Hopefully these 2 weeks ago by and they don't find me. I'm trying to find a place to live and steer clear of Greyson. The elevator finally stopped, and I was on the floor with my suite. I walked down the hall, and almost dropped my bag but someone caught it for me. "Here you are." I froze suddenly and my heart started beating erratically. I didn't dare look him in the face as I nodded, and walked away. "Don't I get a thank you?" I ignored him and walked to my room. I opened the door and rushed in. I fell down to the floor, and ran a hand over my face. In just a week I'm already running away from Greyson. The first thing I absolutely need to do is dye my hair so that I won't be recognized by him. I grabbed the hair dye and shampoo and conditioner, and went into the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror, and sighed. "Goodbye blondie, hello brownie."



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