The first week went by in a blur, Greyson and Adam hadn't found me, and I'm glad for that, but I still need to keep a low profile. I haven't been out of the room yet, and I'm beginning to miss the wind in my hair. I grabbed my hat and my sunglasses. I threw my hair up in a bun and threw on my hat. I made sure to cover up any distinct things Greyson could recognize before grabbing my wallet, and key card.

I left the room, and headed for the elevator. The elevator came right on time. "Hey! Could you hold that please!?" I immediately froze and my heart started beating fast. He's still here. I stepped aside, and let him in. "Thanks." I nodded, and inched closer to the wall. "Do I smell bad or something?" I shook my head, and hoped he didn't say anything else. "You must be one of those shy types."

"No habla ingles mucho señor." The elevator dinged signalling that this was my stop. He got off after me and I noticed he went over to Adam and an older version of the both of them. He looked my way, and I quickly looked away, exiting the building. Once the fresh hair hit me, I breathed it in enjoying it. I took my hat off, and took my bun down, shaking my hair out. I felt as if someone was staring at me, so I turned and looked slowly. It was Greyson himself staring at me. I did a little wave and proceeded to walk away. I walked to the nearest diner, and order a coffee and some pancakes.

"Here you are darlin' is there anything else I can get for you?" I smiled at the older woman and shook my head. "No, no thank you this is enough." She smiled, and went back into the kitchen. The news was on and yet again my picture is up there. "Still no word on the whereabouts of Alaina Spencer. In other news, Greyson Kennmore, owner of Kennmore Enterprises and many other establishments is hosting a masked charity event at the Canro Hotel tonight at 8 p.m." I smirked to myself. Well well well Greyson Kennmore, how clever of you to host an event at the place I'm staying at. How rude of me not to attend. I finished my food, and left a tip before leaving. I turned around and Greyson stood there with his arms folded. Fuck.

"Now how clever of you Ms. Spencer to try and fool me." I crossed my arms. Time to put my acting into place. "I'm sorry?" He rolled his eyes. "Come on Alaina, Reece Harry? Really? You made it that obvious." Busted. No use in lying anymore. "Fine. How did you know I was here?" It was his turn to smirk. "You didn't really think I would let you go unnoticed did you?" I sighed, and tried walking away but he pulled me back.

"And just where do you think you're going?"

"Back to the hotel." I tried walking away again, but he pulled me flush against his body. "Ah ah ah my dear, WE are going to look for a dress for tonight's charity event." He pulled me out of the diner and to his car. Dammit and just when I thought I was gonna go by unnoticed, he finds me. "I'm loving this brown you've got going on here. I just say you did have me fooled at first but then I just had to know of the woman who occupied my suite for 2 weeks. Didn't you know that I owned the Canro?" He-he OWNS the hotel!? "I-I thought you were a------."

"A mafia leader? Yes I am. The businesses I own are just side deals and to keep me in the media as a businessman." He pulled up in front of a dress shop, and parked the car. He turned and faced me. "We have much to discuss. But first, a dress." He got out of the car, and came to my side and opened the door. I hesitantly got out, and walked ahead of him into the store. "Hi, welcome to Shard's, I'm Ana, how may I help you?" Greyson pulled me into him. "My fiancé needs a dress for a charity event tonight." FIANCÉ!? Before I could speak, he squeezed my waist and pressed his lips against my ear. "Do not speak unless I tell you to." My blood boiled now as the lady walked ahead of us to show some dresses. I tried pulling away from Greyson, but he has a death grip on me. "Do not make me take you back there and punish you for making me look bad and on top of that, running off for a week." He growled in my ear. "You must've forgotten, I said I wanted out of this shit." He chuckled darkly. "Princess, you're never getting out of this. Now suck it the fuck up, and go pick out a dress." He let me go and walked in another direction. I was fuming with anger right now. How fucking dare he!



No habla ingles mucho señor- I don't speak English good sir

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