"I want out..." I stared at her blankly. She...She wants out? Over my dead body! "The hell you don't ! You're not leaving me!" She tried fighting me off, but I held her in place seeing as I'm stronger. "GREYSON LET ME GO!" The look in her eyes said it all. She was hurt.. I had hurt her. "Alaina, please let me explain.."

"No! You should've explained before all of this! And to think I......." She stopped and looked away. "You what?" I cupped her cheek, and made her look at me. "You what Alaina?" She looked into my eyes.

"I HATE you." She shoved my hands away from her. My heart constricted in my chest. She hates me. Of course she would. You're a cold heartless monster. That's all you'll ever be. My grip loosened on her, and she slipped out of my hands. "I'll be gone before you even wake up." And with that being said, she left the room. I couldn't even bring myself to go after her. Her words ran through my mind like the plague. She hates me.

I don't know why I'm feeling this way, or why I care that she hates me. She was only my submissive. Wow! I sound like a complete dick now. I stormed out of the room, and down to my room, well OUR room. Alaina was nowhere in sight, so I grabbed a fresh pair of sweats, and walked out. I walked in the basement, and over to the punching bag. The look on Alaina's face ran through my mind. Why did I bring Alesiana over? She was only supposed to come to discuss the matters of our son, and as usual she did what she wanted. Fuck! I punched the bag with all I had.

'I HATE you.'

'I HATE you.'

'I HATE you.'

Her words ran through my mind as I continued punching like my life depended on it. Adam appeared in front of me, holding the bag. He nodded, and I continued punching. "What's going on?" I only saw red. "What always happens? I'm a fuck up. Alesiana knew it and now Alaina knows it." He raised an eyebrow. "Wait, how does she even know about Alesiana?" I stopped punching the bag, and looked at him. "Because we all had a big orgy today, and I told Alaina everything! She found out about Alesiana and our son, and she wants out of this. Out of all of this." His eyes widened. "What the hell Grey! No one is supposed to know about the business except for those involved!" He shoved my chest. "NEWSFLASH SHE IS INVOLVED!" I shoved him back, forcefully. I backed away, and went up the stairs. I walked into the kitchen, and grabbed a bottle of water. I turned and saw Maurecia standing there with her arms folded. I sighed and looked down. "Please don't start Maurecia.. I think I've had enough lecturing for today." She walked over to me, and lifted my head. "Go to her.. don't let her go Greyson. Alesiana wasn't the one for you. Alaina was and IS. I see how you are around her. Given the fact that I've been around your family for years and I KNOW what goes on. She's just scared. Show her that you aren't here to hurt her. That all starts with honesty. Tell her about Dmitry...."



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