I'm really hoping Adam told Alaina I was waiting on her here in the den. What I said this morning was completely out of my control, I was upset at the fact that she reacted the way she did. What does it matter anyway? I'm her Master, she's my submissive. "Master, may I please come in?" Since when did she go back to calling me Master? "Come in." I watched her walk in, and stand in front of me.

"Why'd you go back to calling me Master? I thought I told you to call me Greyson?" She nodded. "Yes indeed sir. You did tell me to call you Greyson. Last night. Today's a new day and I'm back to calling you Master." I sighed and rubbed my forehead.

"Alaina, what I said to you was a complete and utter mist-------."

"It's all behind me now. Doesn't matter anymore." I cocked an eyebrow. Is she giving me attitude? "Ms. Spencer, is that attitude I'm getting from you?" She huffed out a sigh. "No sir, it isn't." I picked up my wine glass. "Good." I took a sip of my wine, and stood up. I held my hand out, and waited for her to grab it. She took my hand hesitantly, and followed after me.

"Where are we going?" I stopped in front of the door, and grabbed the key. "You know I've seen 50 Shades of Grey, and what happens when you go behind the door." I chuckled softly. "Well, you're in for a big surprise Ms. Spencer." I unlocked the door, and let her walk in first. "This, is my play room." She looked back at me. "Are you serious?" She walked ahead and started looking at all of the toys, cuffs, oils and all. I walked over to the closet, and grabbed one of her "uniforms" from when she worked at the club. I walked up behind her, and dangled the outfit in front of her. "Change into this." She grabbed the outfit slowly, and turned to look at me.

"R-right here?" I sat down in a chair, and motioned for her to get undressed. "" She complied, and started to undress slowly. I could feel my already erect cock growing in my pants, begging to be let out.

She slowly put the outfit on, teasing me. "Hurry up." She did as I said, and covered herself up. I stood up, and went over to her swiftly. "NEVER cover yourself up in front of me!" I snatched her hands away from her body, and admired her from head to toe. She gulped. "Y-yes sir." I groaned, and lifted her chin. I pressed my lips firmly against hers, and pulled her body closer to me. I pulled myself away from her and pulled her over to the bed. "Lie down on your back." She did as she was told, and laid down. I went over to the closet, and grabbed ropes. I walked back over to her, and her eyes widened.

"This is for your pleasure only." I tied her arms and legs to the bed and put a blindfold over her eyes. I slowly started to pepper kisses down her neck. I went back up and pressed my lips against hers, making her long for more. I spread her legs apart slowly, as far as the ropes would let me. I could smell her beautiful scent. I went down, and licked her through her underwear. She flinched and let out a soft moan. I know she's sensitive, which makes this all the more better. I moved her underwear to the side, and licked her clit gently. I started sucking gently, causing her to moan out of control. I smirked to myself, and slipped my fingers in. I could feel her getting ready to cum.

"Beg me. Beg me to let you cum." She cried out. "Oh please please let me cum sir!" I started to increase my speed, hitting her G-spot. I started licking on her clit again. "Mm please let me cum sir. Please.." I sucked on her clit, and continued fingering her. "Cum all over my fucking mouth Alaina." She started writhing in ecstasy, arching her back and cumming all over my face. She moaned out, and plopped back on the bed, sweating and panting. I licked the last remains of her orgasm, and crawled back up to her, kissing her lips, and letting her taste herself. "You taste so delicious." She tried pulling at the ropes, but failed. "That was sort of my way of....apologizing for what I said this morning." I untied the blindfold, and looked into her eyes. I pressed my lips against hers again, tugging on her lip.

She moaned softly, and tried tugging at the ropes again. I pulled back and looked at her. I can't let this keep going on. I can't keep letting myself change because of her. I untied her arms and legs. "You can go back to your room now." I got off of her, and went down to my own room. I slammed my door, and punched the wall. I grabbed my hair in frustration. It's a sickness..a disease. There's a fire in my skin, and I'm only as alive as I burn. I have this gnawing, need and want.. I'm compelled to satisfy my primal needs. I want to reach out and ruin something so beautiful so no one else can have it the way I did. I want something firm, or brittle, something that breaks when I grasp it, desperately borrowing my own strength and rebuilding in pieces of me in ways I am pleased.

I want to own something in such a terrible and absolute way that can't be undone. Fire-seared brain, electricity that arcs down my spine and sends my hair to a rising, tingling in my fingertips that leads to aggressive sparks with every grab and caress. I want to mark and scar and bruise and bite, I want to growl and shake and push and strike, I want to cover and fill and bend and subjugate. I want widened eyes, trembling hands, parted lips. God, I want to be worshiped, and obeyed. It devours me, it leads me to devour, it turns me into a predator, running on an unstoppable instinctive lust to control. My every sense sharpens, I feel smarter even as I'm dumber. I hear differences in pitch and inflection. I see the faint blush of skin, the downcast eyes, or the little brushes of a tongue across lips. I feel the increase in body heat, the shifting of weight, the softness of skin. I swear, though this may be delusion, when I'm in the zone I even smell and taste it, arousal and power and surrender.

It's a sickness. I am a jealous and possessive predator.... No one can have her. No one WILL have have her.



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