I've never been on a plane before and honestly I'm freaking out! Greyson has his own private jet and it's a 13 hour flight. I asked Greyson to sit by the window because I have a severe fear of high high heights and I want to keep my breathing under control here. "Are you okay Alaina?" I kept my eyes closed tight, and nodded. He chuckled beside me. "Everything's going to be okay mia cara. I'm right here." He kissed the back of my hand. I heard him close the window, and him caressing my cheek. I opened my eyes slowly and saw Greyson in close proximity. "Hi." I gulped. "H-Hi." He pressed a kiss on the corner of my mouth. "You have nothing to worry about kitten, I'm right here."

I sighed as I felt the plane take off. Greyson looked at me. "I'm right here." The plane shot in the air and I was close to losing it. "Look at me Alaina." My heart started beating out of my chest. I looked at Greyson and he was very relaxed. He took his seatbelt off, and faced me fully. "Greyson are you crazy!? Put your seatbelt back on!" He rolled his eyes, and took my face in his hand. "Are you calm?" My heart started slowing down a little. I nodded. "Good. Let's get something in your system." He pressed a button, and a woman came out with her breasts on full display. She smiled sweetly at Greyson. "Anything I can get for you Mr. Kennmore?" She practically had her breasts in his face. "Sweetheart what would you like?" He paid no attention to her, his attention was all on me. "I-I'll have a water please." She was too busy staring at Greyson, not listening to my order.

"My fiancé said she would like to have a water. Also bring us 2 glasses or champagne as well." She gaped at him and stormed off. I looked back at him and he only looked ahead. He must get those a lot. The lady came back with 2 glasses and a water. She opened the champagne bottle "accidentally" spilling it all over me. "I am so sorry! Here let me help." I swatted her hands away. "Don't! I can handle it." I stood up, and walked to the bathroom Greyson had in the back. I grabbed a few paper towels and tried drying myself off. Ugh, I'm going to be so sticky. I walked back out and noticed the bitch was straddling Greyson. "Get the fuck away from me!" He growled at her. I glared in their direction and stormed out there. "He said to get the fuck away from him." She scoffed. "Please. I am way better for him than you, plus I don't see a ring so therefore he's fair game." All I saw was red. I snatched her by her tie, and dragged her all the way back to the front where she's supposed to be. "Stay the hell away from my fiancé!" I kicked her in the head and walked back over to Greyson and sat with my arms folded. Greyson tried touching me but I flinched away.

"Do not touch me right now Greyson." He groaned, and banged his head against the seat. "Alaina, seriously? You saw what happened. You heard what I said to her. Why are you so pissed at me!?"

"Stop being so damn sexy and MAYBE they will leave you alone!" By now I was fuming. "You think I'm sexy?" You could hear the smirk in his voice. "Don't try to play with me right now Greyson." He just chuckled. "We have a 13 hour flight ahead of us. I think it's best if we got some sleep." He stood up, and held his hand out. I took it, and he pulled me up. I was getting pretty tired. He picked me up bridal style, and carried me to the back. He had a whole bedroom in his jet. I stared at it in awe. 


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